Types Of Weaning Foods For Your Baby

After a baby is born, the first couple of months they only survive on the breast milk of their mother. This is because; they are very new on this earth, and they are very weak and sensitive in terms of their digestive system and metabolism process. They live on breast milk, and this the healthiest and safest thing for them to have.

Types Of Weaning Foods For Your Baby

But mothers always become eager to make their babies taste some new tastes after they finish their first couple of months. Now the point is, they are new born babies and you cannot give them anything to eat. You have to be very careful on what to introduce them and what not. If you want to introduce your baby to weaning foods, there are some safe options which you can start giving them. These food options will keep their stomach, safe and they will not suffer from any problems.

  • Fresh fruit juice can be one healthy and safe option for the toddlers. Take a fruit which is mainly available almost every month of the year like apple or mausambi and then peel of the fruit. Cut it into very small pieces and then boil it in a pan. After the boiling is done you can mash the fruit with a strainer or a properly washed hand. Put all the juices and then collect it in a feeding bottle. Then feed your baby with that. Remember; give them a little portion at first. If the baby likes it and is able to digest, then only offer more.
  • Try and make them drink some lentil soup. Lentil is very safe for a child who is just a few months old. ‘Daal ka paani’ or clear lentil water can be very good in increasing the digestion stamina of your child. Try to soak some yellow moong daal in water for an entire night. Then when you wake up next morning, you drain out the excess water and then boil the lentil. Use a strainer and get the clear daal water after it is boiled and pour it in a container. Offer a few spoons of clear daal water to your baby.
  • When your baby completes six months or more, then you can shift from clear and fresh fruit juices to fruit purees. Take a safe fruit like apple and peel the skin of it. Cut the fruit into small pieces and then steam it in a pan. Then you can make a puree out of it and feed your child three or four teaspoons out of it. Apart from apple, you can also try it with pears. You can also try it with banana. Take a ripe banana and mash it before feeding your child with some teaspoons. Mango and chikoo can also be a good option, but they are seasonal fruits, and you do not get them throughout the year.
  • Try some vegetables for your baby. Take a boiled potato and mash it before feeding. If your baby is more than seven months old, then you can try them with vegetables like tomatoes, pumpkins, and carrots. You can also make a clear vegetable soup by boiling them in a pressure cooker and then add a bit of salt in it.
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Give boiled water to your child so that they do not catch any infections.