Insomnia Sleep Study Report And Restorative Remedies

‘Insomnia’ the term usually represents a chronological sleeping disorder which is still not accepted as an authentic illness in some parts of the world. Some people still have a hard time believing if insomnia is real unless they encounter a victim themselves.

The main causes of Insomnia like

  • Emotional and mental stress
  • Medication
  • Prolonged medical illness
  • Excessive intake of caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine
  • Irregular sleeping routine
  • Anxiety and depression

Sleep studies indicate that we are living a very stressful life compared to what our ancestors did and we need to relax and sleep properly allowing the body to rest before it can start again.


A Glance at the current statistics of Insomnia Victims

The disorder has taken a rise from the surface to the hardcore world recently, yet the entry has made a lot of noise to get the deserved attention at the problem.

Taking a brief look on the stats provided by The better sleep guide

  • Insomnia took the limelight recently, people are sleeping 20% less compared to our forefathers.
  • If you thought you’re the only one who isn’t sound asleep, there are 30% of the entire population who can give you company.
  • 100 out of every 300 people walking beside you suffers from insomnia.
  • Approximately half of America stays awake due to stress and anxiety.
  • Insomnia percentage is in between 40% to 60% considering people aged more than 60
  • women outnumber men in insomnia numbers.
  • Depression is a lifelong companion of 90% insomniacs
  • Patients asking sleeping aid is close to 10 million
  • And, the chances of being obese increases by 27% for an insomniac
  • Also, insomnia victims are more likely to avoid sex with their partners.
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Shocking truths about Insomnia; If you think insomnia victims are more likely to be an adult due to an assumable amount of stress from daily activities, you will be compelled to re-do your research. An average portion of children between 5-18 years suffer from insomnia. This is not hard to guess as for the children approaching adolescence suffer through the same amount of stress and depression that an adult does.

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Hence, don’t hesitate to get a knack of your child’s life and resolve their daily issues to gift them a comfortable sleep.

Self-care Remedies & Tips regarding Insomnia

  • Adopt new sleep supporting habits;
    • Plan a proper sleeping schedule, no matter what occurs don’t skip the schedule
    • Avoid day mid-day naps or sleeping breaks
    • Limit consumption of caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine before bedtime
    • Don’t skip food, and avoid late meals
    • Do regular workout and exercise
  • Learn to associate your bed with sleeping, train your brain
    • Use the bedroom only for sleeping and sex, so your brain gets strong signals to make you sleep as soon as you get in your bedroom.
    • Leave the bed when feeling sleepless. Don’t force yourself to sleep when you’re not able to, get out of bed and try to do some activity to engage and relax.
    • Get bedroom clocks out of sight. The continuous tick-tick of the clock when you’re trying to sleep and you are not able to induces anxiety and makes the night sleepless.
  • Create a sleep-friendly environment in your bedroom 
    • Ensure your bedroom is dark, cold, and quiet
    • Turn off your T.V, laptops, computers or mobiles an hour before sleep
    • Avoid stressful discussion that can stimulate anxiety
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