Life Onboard One Of The World’s Most Expensive Trains: Palace On Wheels

The palace on wheels is undoubtedly one of the best luxury trains not only in the country but all over the world. Each year tourists throng Delhi to board the luxury train to experience royal life onboard. Moreover the journey takes to through exotic spots including wildlife safaris, shopping fairs, historical locations and magnificent palaces. Pass through the amazing natural habitat of local residents and observe their everyday life get to learn several things. Shop for various handicrafts, artefacts textiles and sweets you will get only in Rajasthan. Capture moments of your luxurious journey with pictures of the magnificent structures. Spot endangered species of various birds and wild animals in some of the world’s largest safaris.  Experience the peace of the tranquil waters of reservoirs and aqua blue lakes. The journey on the Palace on Wheels will certainly give you an out of this world royal experience.

Palace on Wheels Carriages

The fourteen Royal Carriages of the Palace on Wheels are identified by the fourteen regions under the Rajput Rule. The exteriors are temptingly colorful while the interiors give a palatial feel. The inner part is designed to make you feel like you are inside the palace. Delicious food is served in regal spread of fine cutlery and linen. There is wall to wall carpeting in kingly ethic Rajasthani décor.

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Palace on Wheels Facilities

The onboard facilities of Palace on Wheels train are carefully thought out keeping the travelers every need in mind. A carriage has four chambers with twin beds. There are professional and courteous helps available in time of need for each saloon. For leisure there is intercom, channel music, relaxation area and a pantry lounge with refreshments and beverages available.  There is hot and cold water showers available in restrooms.

Palace on Wheels Restaurant

There are various cuisine including traditional Rajasthani, Chinese, Indian and Continental available in the two royal dining cars ‘The Maharaja’ and ‘The Maharani’. The two /four seating by the window side lets you see passage of exotic grasslands /landscapes as you travel lengthy routes. There is mineral water available in bottles. A shimmering bright bar is filled with aromas of mixes and international brands to enjoy. Get a feel of being inside the royal palace at one of the royal dinners for royal guests.

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Palace on Wheels Rooms

Each carriage has four chambers with two separate beds. There are also various occupancies like single, double, triple etc. En-suite washrooms have latest amenities like showers too. There is a mini pantry for each saloon. There is also a lounge that ensures beverages and refreshments are available. Spend time relaxing with games like caroms, Chinese checkers and crosswords in leisure room. There are also LCD TVs playing your favorite show. There is also laundry service. On request you may ask the friendly attendant to iron your laundry.

The tour includes Jaipur, Jaisalmar, Chittoudgarh, Chhattisgarh, Udaipur, Bharatpur and Agra. View the wonders of ancient history in all its royal grandeur. Get pampered onboard the luxurious 8 Days/ 7Nights Palace on Wheels trip. Experience the regal splendor on the Luxurious Pleasure Trip of Palace on Wheels. The travel tour certainly connects you back with nature. The unforgettable trip gives you memories to take away and experience to cherish forever and ever.

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