Lost Your Car Keys? A Guide On How To Overcome This Dilemma

Whether it be at work or at home, we tend to make mistakes and it is completely natural. Making a mistake is a sign of human being and if you are perfect then you might as well call yourself a robot.

Mistakes can range from small to grave ones. Petty mistakes are committed by us daily. But we need to be careful when it comes to grave mistakes. One of the most common grave mistakes that people commit is misplacing their car or house keys. So what can be done when you have lost car keys?

It is quite common to find that car keys have gone missing once in our life. During this time we tend to panic. It is a common reaction to those who have been through similar situations. But like every problem in life, there is always a solution. In this post, we will discuss a few things that you can opt for when you have lost car keys. 

Lost Your Car Keys? A Guide On How To Overcome This Dilemma

What To Do When You Have Lost Car Keys?

  • Call roadside assistance

When we lose your car keys, we tend to panic and, in this situation, our intuition becomes completely blank. In this situation, we try to unlock ourselves by breaking the glass or by trying to open the car door forcefully. But, if we try to open the car door by ourselves, then there is a risk of causing further damage.

Therefore, it is always wise to keep the contact number of roadside assistance saved in your phone. During such scenarios, calling a call roadside assistance locksmith service is helpful. If they cannot open the car on the spot, then they will tow your car to their service centre and they will make a duplicate key for your car. Even you can find some emergency locksmith services that operate 24×7, and you can call them anytime. 

  • Seek for extra key
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When we buy a car, we get 2 keys. One is the main key and the other one is the spare key. The spare is given so that it can be used when we either lose the master key or it malfunctions. So, when you lost car keys, it is not advisable to open the car by force, and you can use the spare key to open your car. 

Normally, the extra key is kept in the house or with some other family members. If you can access the spare key, then there is no need to panic. You can call your family member to get the spare key. In case, you cannot access the spare keys, then you should opt for professional help like roadside assistance. Professional locksmith services can easily make a duplicate key for your car and they can charge you very less for this lost car keys service. 

  • Call a locksmith
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By now you have seen advertisements and read blogs on the internet regarding locksmith. Locksmiths are one of the most reliable options when you get locked out of your car. If you lost car keys, then a locksmith can fix the problem instantly. Therefore, it is always advisable to keep the phone number of a locksmith saved in your phone.

Locksmith charges feasible money and therefore, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Other than losing your car keys, if your car key remote is malfunctioning, then a locksmith will be able to fix it.

Here are a few tips which will help you to overcome situations like misplacing your car keys. Getting locked out of your own car is frustrating and hence taking professional help is much better rather than trying to open the car all by yourself.