Men Vs Women – Difference In Their Shopping Habits and Buying Decisions

Out of the numerous perspectives that can influence a buyer’s basic decision-making conduct, one of the main considerations is the gender preferences. Men and Women approach shopping on online shopping sites like Tata CLiQ with varying thought processes, points of view, methods of reasoning and contemplations. There is 10 years’ worth of logical examination on this subject, which demonstrates that there are detectable contrasts in how men and women carry on as customers.

It isunderstandable that men and women contemplate and approach online shopping in varied ways. Understanding on how these distinctions affects buyer choices and understanding each gender’s particular inclinations is vital for any business that offers products to both genders.

Men Vs Women - Difference In Their Shopping Habits and Buying Decisions

John Gray’s 1992 book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” affirmed what men and ladies have constantly known: The two genders contrast in their points of view, thought processes and behavior.

It is a globally acknowledged fact that women have a hedonistic view of shopping whereas men folk just see it as a task that needs to be finished. In addition, as per various surveys, it is known that percentage of women buyers purchasing from e-commapps is more than the percentage of men buyers. We should look at how these inclinations influence internet shopping.

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  • Quick shoppers vs Selective shoppers

Concerning shopping, men have a tendency to be task-oriented shoppers who are satisfied the moment they stumble across a workable and satisfactory product whereas women on the other hand perceive shopping as a hobby and continue to browse around until they find a product, which not only serves the purpose but also satisfies them emotionally.

However, from many years this habit of women folk has been made fun of, studies has shown that men use left aside of the brain to make decisions whereas women use both sides to do so. This brain structure results in eccentric shopping habits of both the genders.

  • Impulsive Buyers vs.Logical Buyers
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Now do not confuse ‘impulsive’ with ‘selective.’ Beauty is in the eye of the beholder- and it is this abstract quality in a product that women hunt for. No matter if you were shopping for apparel but if a particular pair of wedges seems to be tempting, it is definitely going home with you.

Whereas men, focused as we may call them, buy only the stuff that is required now. It also brings out another distinction that women tend to shop for what they may need in future whereas male tend to be determined by their present needs.

  • Men are faithful to brands whereas ladies are faithful to services

A study by the Erasmus University demonstrated that once men found a brand that worked for them, they will probably stay with it, which is particularly valid for clothing, vehicles, monetary administrations and home gadgets.

Ladies demonstrated a more prominent level of unwaveringness on the off chance that they got decent service. The discoveries recommend that when publicizing to ladies, it is imperative to make personal relationships with female clients while when showcasing to men, you ought to highlight the focal points and advantages of your items.

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E-comm sites such as Tata Cliq have gained big time by understanding this gender psychology. Tata Cliq is offering customized product portfolio targeting each gender type and their requirements