Flaunt Your Sarees With Fusion Twist To It

Sarees are the most beautiful outfit for Indians. These ethnic drapes are of different types, with different fabrics, and patterns. Many Indian women wear sarees on daily basis, whereas, some prefer to wear it occasionally, as managing a saree is not so easy. There are different types of sarees, such as Bhandni, Banarsi, Kanjeevaram, etc. The most famous look in sarees is the fusion. This trend has become very popular nowadays. Many girls look at sarees as being old-fashioned, but that has changed with time. Designers have created this fusion look, by experimenting with different ways a saree can be worn. It is not just the fabric, but also petticoats, draping styles, and blouses. Blouses are now replaced with jackets and bikinis. In the place of petticoats, now leggings, denim or pants are used.

Flaunt Your Sarees With Fusion Twist To It

So with all these changes, sarees are not just worn during the time of weddings, but also for office parties or an ethnic day at school or college. You can explore your options with women fusion sarees online, and get the perfect attire for the upcoming event. In this article, you will get to read about different ways and styles of wearing your fusion sarees.

  1. Tunic and Saree: This is one of the latest trend, that has very well replaced the combination of saree with traditional blouse. The current trend is rather wearing a long tunic covering your waist. Many of us find it discomforting when we wear a blouse, so for those, this is one best option.
  2. Leggings and Saree: Another innovative style of wearing a fusion saree is with leggings, instead of a petticoat. This is a great twist added to saree and works best for those who find it difficult to walk in traditional sarees which includes of wearing a petticoat.
  3. Saree Gown: This trend is really popular, and looks beautiful on anyone. It accentuates your figure amazingly. This saree is the best option for any wedding ceremonies, and it will get all attention on you. The simplicity of it is what makes it so much easier to carry, along with being incredible in style. To add a twist to this, and make it look more westernized, designers have added a long train at the bottom of this gown style saree.
  4. Dhoti Style Saree: Dhotis are known to be the traditional attire of men in the earlier centuries, which some do follow in present time but not as much. Lately, women also have tried out this trend, by wearing dhoti along with kurti or a nice top, and now with a saree. Actors such as Shilpa Shetty, Ileana, and Sonam Kapoor, have flaunted around this style, making it more popular.
  5. Cape Saree: This style is popularly known when Deepika Padukone had worn it, in white color with silver flower pattern design, along with a gorgeous green emerald with diamond neckpiece. It carries that extra oomph with it.
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These were some of the popular trends in high demand for fusion sarees nowadays. So, go ahead and buy fusion sarees for girls online, and flaunt it around, this wedding season.

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