OgyMogy Keeping It Real For Parents And Employees

We all have been suffered from the grass is greener syndrome at any age of our lives.A  Harshbut true fact. We live in the world of glamour, fakeness, impressions, lies, filters and the list goes on. Reality and authenticity are a missing factor and now is the time that we need to make ourselves ready to start a search for it. Infact why not just start by creating it. People try to find a perfect image or try to personify themselves and that is not real. We lie about our interest, our education, and ourselves just to have the approval of others. This is a toxic behavior that needs to be eradicated. We must keep some parts of our lives authentic and original for the sake of the next generation.

Kids especially teens follow the footsteps of elders’ parents. So when you are updating’ Having fun at Mcdonlds’while being at home imagine how your teen kid will apprehend and apply that. I can imagine all of you who have done this kind of fake egoism feeding is getting anxious. Well stop doing it and check on your kids. Similarly, the delivery guy who always takes the long route and spend time with her girlfriend and tell its odd traffic time you too need to be cautious. So how can you find out the real location and much other authentic information? I am gonna tell you about the easy way out. Well, have a monitoring app like The OgyMogy.

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OgyMogy Keeping It Real For Parents And Employees

From Parental Perspective:

As a parent you need to know about the exact location of your child with no lies rule,or if you are suspicious about any friend of them you need to make sure he or she is a good company and your institutions are all wrong.This and many other issues can be sorted out easily with The OgyMogy.

  • The location tracking feature allows the user to check the exact location of the target person. It allows the user to know about their movements and secret hideouts with The OgyMogy.Mark virtual safe and restricted zones well on google map and keep your self up to date with it.
  • Check about their online friends and followers with OgyMogy social media spy apps and know if they are in any kind of trouble or bad company. Spy apps like Instagram app, Whatsapp spy app, Twitter  app, Facebook spy app, and many more are here for your help.
  • Keep an eye on the smartphone activities and installed apps by the OgyMogy feature that gives you access to the app list.Withthis feature, you can eliminate any kind of violent triggering game apps,dating or adult content, etc
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From the Employer’s Perspective:

As an employer, you need to make sure that your employees are giving their best and are loyal to you and your organization.

  • Check their work routine with the screen recording feature of the OgyMogy.It allows the user to watch the screen of the target person in real-time.It also records the activities in the form of screenshots and videos.
  • The camera bug and listen to surrounding feature allows the user to listen to and watch the target employees through their devices.So now you can check whether the employees are present at their spot or wandering around. Listen to voices allows you to check about any suspicious meeting or conversation regarding the official issue.
  • The keylogging feature of OgyMogy allows the user to have access to all the accounts,ids, and passwordsassociated with the target device.So now you have access to the email details,inbox,sent items, and attachments so make sure one shares confidential corporate secrets with outsiders.
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The OgyMogy is the spy app that is meant for parents who are worried about their teen’swell being and the employers who aim to have a strict monitoring system for the employees. It offers separate Mac and Windows versions for respective users to use The OgyMogy app in the laptop or tablets. Moreover, an android spy app version for smartphone monitoring is also offered by The OgyMogy as well. So just select the desired package, install the spy app in the target person devices by following simple steps, and keep it authentic with OgyMogy.