Plan Your Trip to Santiago

Pilgrims once visited the relics of Saint James in the cathedral during a monthly walking tour from across Europe. During the Middle Ages, this holy town was a destination for pilgrimages, including Jerusalem and Rome, and is known as the St. James Way. Santiago de Compostela is now one of the most venerated Christian shrines, still welcoming new spiritual visitors but still offering tourists a rich wealth of attractions. To book cheap tickets with United airlines reservations.

Plan Your Trip to Santiago

Why Visits Santiago?

Upon your arrival, Santiago de Compostela is a lovely place in the heart of the magnificent region of Galicia. It is a World Heritage Site and is one of Spain’s most impressive landmarks, the majestic Cathedral of Santiago. The city also has several museums and is suitable for visiting the west coast of Spain.

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In contrast with neighboring Buenos Aires, Argentina or Brazile’s Rio de Janeiro faction, Chile’s capital, Santiago, does not receive the half recognition it deserves. However, there are many reasons to visit the towering peaks of the Andes, the indigenous culture, and many valleys that boast some of the world’s finest wines. Within an hour, you will be among the vineyards of one of the world’s finest winemakers, whether the well renowned Concha Y Toro, the biggest latent wine manufacturer, and the world’s seventh-largest or a smaller family-run winery or store, such as Viña Vik or ViñaMatetic. A quick walk from the center of Santiago.

Thanks to the South Hemisphere location of Santiago and its proximity to the Andes, in just over an hour from the capital city from July to October, you can take advantage of world-class skiing. Visit the Valle Névado valley, El Colorado, or La Parva valley and try Portillo a little more, known for being the oldest ski area in South América and its famous yellow hotel.

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Chileans are incredibly proud of their street food, and at certain hours of the day and night, you will be willing, from sopapillas to completos and empanadas to one of the many food trucks, to find plenty to eat on the streets.

What are the top sites to visit in Santiago?

  • Catedral de Santiago
  • Hostal de los Reyes Católicos
  • Plaza del Obradoiro
  • Camino de Santiago and Museo das Peregrinacións
  • Casco Antiguo
  • Parque Alameda
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