Product Identification and Branding

For the reputation management company New York, they are a service therefore they don’t need to worry too much about the product identification since they have no physical goods. There are many different methods used for identifying a product and distinguishing it from competing offerings. Both products and services are identified as brand and goods brands are easy to pronounce, recognize and remember. When you have products, a key aspect of marketing is the development of the brand. A brand involves a name, term, sign, symbol, design or some combination that identifies the products of one firm and shows how they differ from competitors’ offerings. The brand name on the other hand is the part of the brand that is made up of words or letters that form a name and it is used to identify a firm’s products and show how they differ from the products of competitors. A trademark is a brand that has been given legal protection.

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Product Identification and Branding

There are many different brand categories involves with products and services and these include manufacturer’s or national brands, private or store brand, family branding, and individual branding strategy. A manufacturer’s or national brand involves a product or service offered and promoted by a manufacturer. The private or store brand is not linked to the manufacturer but instead carries a wholesaler’s or retailer’s label. A family branding strategy uses a single brand name for several related products. An individual branding strategy gives each product within a line a different name.

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Consumer loyalty can increase a brand’s value, so marketers try to strengthen brand loyalty. When a brand image suffers, marketers try to recreate a positive image. Brand building strategies were once limited to consumer goods, but they are becoming more important for business to business brands. Brand loyalty is important for any business to survive and there are different forms including brand recognition, brand preference and brand insistence.

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