Real Estate Facebook Advertising – Rules To Measure The Effectiveness

After following the basic rules, dos, and don’t of Facebook advertising over a fixed period of time, it is advised to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. There is no point chasing the route if the destination can’t be achieved. Real estate is a highly competitive field and imposes agents to act like spirited entrepreneurs.

Real estate agents chase to get the edge on pass their competitors. In order to serve the customers in the best possible manner you must use the right mix of social media marketing tools.After accomplishing the marketing part of your business, there comes a time where a marketer needs to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.

Ineffective advertising wastes funds and time and during that time competitors are gaining leads and building their own business. Set time aside to investigate effectiveness of the advertising methods, because it has proven to be useful in increasing the rate of return on investment (ROI). Higher ROI equals profitable and effective use of media.

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Real Estate Facebook Advertising – Rules To Measure The Effectiveness

The common ways to measure the effectiveness of Real Estate Facebook Advertising are:

– Counting likes/ shares/ comments posted on the Facebook Page

– Tracking connects and followers on the Facebook Account

– Analyzing the number of visits to the main website. You can track this via the Facebook Advertising link

– Apart from the above mentioned there are other exclusive analytic that help a real estate company observe the achievements. These pointers are:

– Always follow a streamlined approach to measure the effectiveness and set a specific time frame for determining the effectiveness. For beginners the time window should start around one month to give room for real estate transactions to take place.

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– Design a data tracking form for your reference (possibly in the form of Microsoft Excel). Drafting the findings becomes easier if columns can be created to keep track of people who approach you for specific ads as well as for those who actually turn out to be actual buyers of real estate.

– Take a survey. Nothing can be as effective as this. Call or email them a questionnaire asking what they actually understand about the service and real estate that is represented by your firm.

– Make a complete set of data that you have gathered so far. Keep recording and comparing the available data within different time slots.

– Also calculate total cost of the set advertising program along with total number of leads and sales generated during that duration to know how effective the program has been.

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– Revenue is the biggest criteria of all time. Record how much money has been made then subtract the cost involved. These final figures display the effectiveness of you marketing efforts.

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