Residential Pest Control

Residential pest control is the control taken to eradicate pests around homes. Some of the pests that are in homes include mosquitoes, cockroaches, spiders, flies, fleas, bedbugs, mice, rats, termites, bees, wasps and ants. Some of this pest cause discomfort in a home and lead to diseases too if they invade a home. Here are some tips to stop pests from invading your home.

  • Keep the house clean – One of the best ways to avoid pest infestation in a house is to always keep the house clean. Most of these pests like the flies, bedbugs, cockroaches, rats and others are a result of untidiness in a home. Keeping a house clean includes ensuring there are no leftovers in the house, no dust, proper arrangement of items and severe cleaning in the edges.
  • Keep yourself clean – One’s cleanliness is the start of eradication of pests in a home. If one stays untidy there are high chances of pests like lies to invade a home where it could bring more pests in a home. Keeping yourself clean is by ensuring that your clothes are clean, your shoes clean, taking a bath frequently and also washing your personal equipment like combs and inner wears.
  • Move furniture away from the edges – Most of the furniture in a home is usually pushed to the corner of a house so that you create enough space in the house. Furniture could also discourage one from cleaning such edges since it could be tiresome pulling the furniture from there.
  • Cleaning of linens – Linens, especially bed linens, get sweaty with time after you sleep on them for a long time, therefore, they need frequent cleaning. Dirty linens could bring about bedbugs which are so embarrassing since they bring about itchiness and also fly around the house which shows how dirty one is.
  • Be hygienic – Hygiene is the key value to keep pests away because most pests do not like tidy and clean places. Hygiene includes keeping the toilet clean, washing your hands after visiting the washrooms and before handling meals, cleaning fruits and foods before cooking. Hygiene is also important when cooking meals because what you consume dirty food one may get sick.
  • Inviting the professional pest control company every once in awhile to help in eliminating these pests and their sources in a professional way. Most of the people do not love inviting these companies to a home since they believe they are expensive without thinking on the trouble they may save you from after they are done cleaning the whole place.
  • Keep animals clean – Animals like cows, dogs and cats can be a source of some of these pests like ticks, fleas and worms. Animals should be cleaned severally, for example, cattle should be taken to the cattle dip to get rid of pests like ticks. These pests could be transferred to the humans and houses easily. Most of the animals that people keep as pets are a source of some of these pests thus, should be cleaned frequently to prevent them from getting ticks, fleas and worms too. Most of these pests fly and therefore they can transfer from the animals to people easily.
  • Clearing the grass – Grass around the environment also bring about pests like mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas. Therefore it is important to clear the grass around and the bushes that could be around the house to avoid such pests.
  • Spraying – Spraying the animals and the compound once in awhile could help eliminate some of these pests like ticks, mosquitoes, fleas and bedbugs.
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