Soil Erosion: What Are The Ways To Prevent and Control It

Soil erosion is the loss of soil. As the soil from the landscape erodes, it loses essential nutrients, clogs rivers with dirty elements and finally turns the area into a dirt dessert. Soil erosion is also one of the biggest concerns with respect to the construction industry. However, erosion takes place naturally, human activities can make erosion much worse. Caring for soil is very important for the long-lasting viability of the gardens and agricultural systems. Although, the biggest mistakes is to contribute to soil erosion.

Soil Erosion What Are The Ways To Prevent and Control It

Erosion can be caused by a number of reasons, and every situation has a solution depending on the seriousness of the problem.


Rainfall Intensity: The severe impact of rainfall breaks the ground soil into parts and water build-up creates runoff and takes off the sediment with it.

Vegetation: The vegetative cover of crops and plants protects the soil from the impact of raindrop and splash. The less there will be vegetation cover, the more soil erosion takes place.

Erodibility of soil:  The finest particles of soil are transported by heavy wind, while the heavier ones are blown across the surface causing erosion.

Slope Length and Gradient: The sharper the slope, the more amount of soil can be lost easily. As the soil erodes in the downward direction, it can increase the slope degree, this creating more soil erosion.


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One natural and good option to help control and prevent soil erosion on slopes is the plantation. The roots of plants are the natural ways to hold the soil tightly and anchor the soil.  Although, planting on a slope can be difficult but it is the best way to prevent soil erosion.


Erosion control socks are an expandable filter tubed shaped material filled with compost, wood chips or other mulch. An erosion control sock can be a good alternative to control and trap debris and sediment, silt fences to divert during construction work. They are available in the variety of diameters and can be biodegradable. Socks allows water to flow while holding soil in its place.


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Over-watering in your garden or agricultural areas can speed up soil erosion by taking away soil. Reduce the amount of water if you can, or you can set up a drip irrigation system. As a drip system deliver the small amount of water at a time and there is no overflowing across the surface to wash away topsoil.


Barriers and baffles are erosion control devices that help to slow down water flow or diver the water from flowing downward creating erosion. These devices are made up of timbers and half-buried stone laid parallel to the slope.


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If all the fertile soil will erode away then that day is not so far when there will be absolutely no soil left for us.  It’s the right time for us to come together and take appropriate steps to conserve soil along with all other important forms of life on this planet.

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