The Best Option For Natural Home Décor

Even if you like the look of a more traditional themed paintings or prints, you can still add a unique look to your walls by choosing a larger sized piece. For example, instead of hanging a traditional themed painting on top of your sofa, why not use a huge piece as a backdrop on the back of the entire sofa? You can make a statement of solid living design in the living room by displaying large sized art pieces on the wall without the need of a furniture or other decor accessories. Cover the entire wall with painted murals to create the finishing touches leading to a large-scale art. If you have some artistic talent, you can also draw the mural yourself.

Are you planning of giving your home a natural look? Have you thought about a fancy way to decorate or renovate your house? Travertine tiles may be the thing you are looking for. Let’s get to know more about these types of tiles and their uses:

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Travertine tiles are a form of limestone that deposits sediment around mineral spring deposits. These are usually porous and have rough textures which give it a more natural look. Once sanded and sealed they become smooth and are available in different colors.

The Best Option For Natural Home Décor

Their smooth finish suits your needs, be it for the shower area or the kitchen floor. These range from warm shades like cream to bright red. These can be polished or kept with a naturally rough texture with the saw-cut finish or a tumbled look. These tiles are used as paving for flooring and age due to their natural availability. It gives an impressive energy and dignified feeling around you.

Travertine tiles attract attention to your floor or wall with a bright vortex design of a neutral-colored surface. Their design consists of earth that gives your home a natural effect and uniqueness. Now paintings are also available in a variety of shades of tan, and beautiful landscapes art. white and grey and they avoid dramatic colors that cut through your floor and surroundings. Before sealing and polishing the travertine’s they present a high friction surface that is able to avoid slips and trips. This feature allows pavers and their installation along pools where slipping is often a problem. However, if not sealed, they absorb more debris that enters the tiles and causes damage. Also, without a small amount of sealant these can be too rough for the bare feet.

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Once sealed and honed they are easy to clean and wipe. They are naturally durable to scratch, wear and tear to an extent. Highly polished and decorated tiles are more prone to damage and initial cracks and scratches are often considered an additional feature.

Travertine tiles are strong enough to last a decade without high damage and stains. These are long lasting if the ceiling and stone are regularly maintained by polishing with a sealing agent. If one of them is damaged, it can be easily replaced as they are in tile form. The whole floor will not need to be removed and replaced.