The Importance Of Food Safety Equipment

If you’re starting up a business that handles or sells food, then the use of specialist food safety equipment is essential. There is a whole host of rules and regulations that you must abide by to ensure that what you make or sell is safe for consumption. Possessing the correct equipment will make a demanding and often complicated job much simpler and will help you to save time and resources along the way.

The Importance Of Food Safety Equipment

Where to start

From cleaning products to specialist utensils, there is a vast number of safety equipment items out there. An obvious place to start is by making sure you have a clean workspace with no cross contamination. Health and safety is paramount, after all surprise inspections can shut down a business in minutes. Clean the area continuously as you go with the correct cleaning products, and ensure that any staff are aware of this rule. Bacteria can spread in seconds, so using the correct tools to combat this is essential.

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To help make cross contamination less likely, you may want to invest in colour coded equipment, i.e. chopping boards and knives, to make your business run much more effectively. You can also get colour coded cleaning equipment to ensure that none of your surfaces are contaminated. This will ultimately save time and will help make mistakes less likely.

Other products

Depending on your line of business, there are various regulations which will apply to you. Make sure you are fully aware of these so you can plan your purchases wisely. Storage equipment is essential in order to keep your food fresh and prevent the risk of it becoming unsafe. Make sure you invest in a specialist thermometer if your equipment does not already have one to make sure that your food is kept within the specified requirements. The same goes for food that is waiting to be served, whether it is freshly cooked food or items left in a chiller, it must all be within certain temperature margins. This is something that should be checked religiously so a handheld thermometer is a valuable piece of equipment to have.

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When purchasing these items, it is always worth looking at whether your supplier has industry recognised accreditations, usually awarded by UKAS or HACCP. Remember that you are buying these products to adhere to rules and regulations so the compliance of the supplier is extremely important. Look at the range of equipment they offer and compare it with other suppliers who may be able to offer you a deal if you plan on buying in bulk.

Ensuring that you have the right type of food safety equipment is a major part in ensuring that your business will do well. You must prove that you are following the guidelines and doing everything possible to make your food safe for consumption. With standards at an all time high and with no room for error, you must make sure that you have the best equipment for your business.