Physiotherapy With Inferential Therapy Machine

Physiotherapy is an alternative department of physical treatment which may or may not be given along with medicines. The therapy is administered in various parts of the body using various equipment, movements, and mechanical forces. The physical therapy helps in promoting mobility, enhances the ability of impaired muscles and limbs, increase the functionality of various organs. Physiotherapy is a comprehensive process which involves a thorough diagnosis and examination of the affected area with the help of physical intervention.

Since physiotherapy is an alternative department of medicine, it is given by qualified professionals who are known as Physiotherapists. Physiotherapy is an extensive department which consists of various therapies such as ultrasound therapy, Manual traction, Hot-cold Therapy, Electrotherapy, and acupuncture.

Physiotherapy With Inferential Therapy Machine

Electrotherapy treatment

The electrotherapy treatment is offered with electric currents that stimulate the tissues and muscles giving relief from stiffness and acute pain. IFT i.e. the Interferential therapy is the type of electrotherapy which is given to patients. The IFT treatment makes use of mild electrical signals in mid-frequency. These electrical signals help in treating strains and muscular spasms.

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The Interferential therapy unit works on the basic principle of utilizing strong IFT effects of low frequency normally less than 250pps, causing electrical stimulation of nerves. The stimulation might cause little pain or side effects which are associated with the low-frequency signal. Careful manipulation of the current inputs can lead to the best frequency which can be used clinically. Mostly, the therapist does not need to worry about the input frequency current since the modern day machinery selects the input themselves.

Main 4 types of clinical applications of IFT: 

  • Muscle stimulation
  • Pain relief
  • Oedema reduction
  • Increase in blood flow

The IFT treatment is clinically approved and is used for managing traumatic or chronic pain or the pain which has been caused post-surgery. The treatment enjoys great popularity mainly because it is a drug-free and non-invasive treatment that promotes healing. Apart from reducing the pain it also promotes the healing process which helps the body in getting into the healthier and pain-free state.

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The electric signals are administered deeper in the skin in the muscle tissue. Studies have shown that regular treatment leads to improvement in the condition and reduce pain and medicines.

The IFT treatment is used for treating pains which are associated with:

  • Surgical trauma
  • Knee or Shoulder injury
  • Joint injuries
  • Neck or back injury
  • Tennis elbow
  • Inflammation in tissues and nerves
  • Carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Sports injuries

Interferential Therapy procedure:

The IFT therapy is different from the TENS therapy which is also a type of Electrotherapy which offers pulses to stimulate the surface of the nerves that leads o blocking of pain. IFT offers constant stimulation to affected area which helps in reduction of swelling and inflammation which causes pain.

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The IFT treatment procedure includes:

  • Exercises which leads to stretching of the injured muscles.
  • Exercises which includes movement of the stiff joints
  • Exercises that help in strengthening of muscle groups

The inferential therapy machine price varies on the functions, size, and brand. It varies from Rs.5000 to Rs. 30000.