The Importance Of Transition Blue Blocking Glasses With Payne Glasses

After many years of compiling information and exciting research with blue light transition glasses, Payne Glasses, an online store, has now launched! The company specializes not only in blue light transition glasses but 1.74 high index lenses too. The founder realized a couple of years ago that there are few companies that offer these specialty glasses to fill the thousands of prescriptions for glasses given every year. If you had trouble seeing and could not access the medical solutions you needed, how frustrating would that be? Many of us know about UV rays, but what about blue light? And why is it important to have glasses to protect and correct blue light?

The Importance Of Transition Blue Blocking Glasses With Payne Glasses

According to Payne Glasses, light is composed of visible forms of light and non-visible forms of light. Most light given off by the sun is not light that we can usually see. However, there are lights that the eye does pick up. These lights that are visible to the naked eye take the form of colours: red, green, blue, orange, violet, and many more. Blue light is the most common form of light visible to the eye and can be seen on a range of colours: anywhere from blue-violet shades to blue-turquoise shades. Each of these lights present different effects on the eye. While the blue-turquoise shade is not harmful to the eye, the blue-violet is. In fact, the blue-turquoise shades can provide many benefits to humans says Payne Glasses. It even helps regulate sleep and wake cycles. On the other hand, blue-violet shares can do the opposite. They can cause harm to the eyes by fatiguing them and straining them. The most common form of exposure to harmful blue light is through technology and device screens. this is an increasing concern for doctors because newer generations are so reliant on their electronic devices. When is an increasing part of our lifestyle, how can we prevent damage?

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The best way to prevent harm from blue-violet shades of blue light is by lowering exposure and protecting using blue light transition glasses. Unfortunately, blue-violet light is everywhere. From Payne Glasses to you, protect your eyes and protect you health.

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