Whisky Glasses Popular Among Whisky Lovers

If you love a good glass of whisky, then you will want to enjoy your favourite drink in the perfect glass. There are plenty of different whisky tumblers and glass styles available, and when you know what you’re looking for, you can then buy whisky glasses online from a respected supplier.

Whisky Glasses Popular Among Whisky Lovers

Tulip or Doc Glasses

Also called Copita style glasses, these originate from Spain and were used originally for Sherry sampling. They are now the main choice for whisky blenders and master distillers. The glass has a long stem and a bowl that helps to concentrate the aroma and allows cradling of the spirit.

The Glencairn

This is similarly shaped to a tulip glass but more robust, with a solid, short base that offers good stability. It is a great glass to learn whisky swirling and also has a bowl shape to channel the aroma of the whisky towards a narrow rim.

The Tumbler

Also called the lowball or rocks glass, this is the most common kind and ideal for piling high with ice and the whisky of your choice. It is also great for making cocktails.

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This is a tumbler variation with plenty of room for spirits, ice and a mixer, creating a relaxing, long drink.


Also called Cognac glasses, these are classy vessels which are associated with after-dinner smoking rooms! Also very commonly chosen for brandy and other dark spirits.

Neat Glasses

These are newer glasses and ideal for whisky appreciation and those new to the spirits world in general, as their design removes any harsh aromas.

Big Brands

So, what sort of things should you be looking for? Well, there are a number of big brands which are worth considering. These glassware makers include Artis, Riedel, Libbey and Arcoroc, which are known for their technical expertise and popularity amongst purist whiskey drinkers. When you buy whisky glasses online from these manufacturers, you know you’ll be buying quality. That’s not to say that other brands aren’t as good however.

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You’ll notice a wide range of styles available when you look to buy whisky glasses. For example, cut crystal is classic, whereas coloured or clear smooth glass options can be very contemporary. You’ll find that some ranges are also designed to complement other glasses and tableware if you like a co-ordinated look.


You’ll find crystal whisky glasses, cut glass and polycarbonate glassware which is almost unbreakable. It looks exactly like glass and has excellent insulation properties, meaning that your drink will stay cooler for longer. It can be an interesting option if you entertain regularly, have pets at home or generally just want to avoid breakages.

Options for all Budgets

Whichever type of glass you choose to buy online, you’ll find great prices and discounts on larger sets. Keep your eyes peeled for promotions, sales and special offers too. Remember, drinks glasses make wonderful presents, so it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled at key times of year for drinks glasses in presentation and keepsake boxes.