The Latest ‘In’ Fashion, Nail Piercing: All You Need To Know

Piercing is not a new trend. Body piercing was in vogue from ancient times. Ear and nose piercing was very common throughout the world from historic times till today. Body piercing is something which is always trendy and in some cases is traditional too; it goes well with the women of all the countries of the world and the different sections of the societies, be it urban, rural or the tribes. A few decades back naval piercing and nail art entered the fashion industry. Ever since nail art revolved round mainly acrylic nails. But, now another fashion in vogue is the nail piercing. Though not common among all the sections of the women, yet it has become very famous and the salons offer different nail art methods and discounts. If one does not wish to spend the money for nail piercing in the salon, there are ways to do it at home with the piercing kits which are available online. Here is a complete guide for nail piercing at home.

The Latest ‘In’ Fashion, Nail Piercing: All You Need To Know

How to do a Nail Piercing at Home?

One has to be careful while doing so at home as a little carelessness can lead to accidents.

  • For nail piercing long nails is a must. First paint the nail with your favourite colour. Either paint the full nail or just paint the tip, to get the french manicure look. Painting the nail first is necessary as later after piercing it will be difficult to paint.
  • For the piercing part take a needle, heat it and then pierce the nail. But since this method can be dangerous and unhygienic it is not highly recommended. Nail drill, available in both hand drill or battery drill form are available in the market. This will keep the process smooth and easy.
  • Then carefully make a hole in the nail, but be careful to make the hole 1mm away from the flesh. Rotate the drill so as to make the hole ready for the jewellery. But, be careful not to put too much pressure on the nail as it can lead to its breakage.
  • Now wear your favourite jewellery. Here also be cautious to remove the jewellery after returning home as it may get stuck somewhere and lead to the breakage of the nail.
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A few things to remember

  • Do not go for nail piercing if your nail is weak or brittle. It will be harmful for the nails.
  • Remember to remove the jewellery as prolonged subjection to pressure on the nails caused by the nail jewellery can be harmful for the nail bed.
  • Keep the nails clean always or else the nail bed will become the breeding ground for fungus and fungal infection of the nails are really painful, forget about the nail art and acrylic nails in such cases.
  • Also, before going for nail piercing keep in mind to go for a nail strengthening therapy. This can be done at home. Take calcium enriched foods like milk, eggs etc. or calcium tablets as calcium is good for the nils and also take vitamin tablets. Apply vitamin oils on the nails to be pierced for a week to make it stronger.
  • If you are not sure whether your nail will be able to hold the pressure of the jewellery for long, before painting the nails, apply a coat of nail strengthener, which are available in the market or can be ordered online.
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Going with the latest trend is cool, but at the same time remember to keep yourself healthy for taking up the latest fashion trends.Moreover, it is not as harmful as body piercing, but should be done with care. If you want to get that chic look, go for the acrylic nails with a small piece of jewellery and stand out among others.

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