How To Digitize Vinyl CDs

If you want to become a DJ, or just have a collection of music, you must know the art of digitizing your vinyl collection. Here, we have gathered advices from some of the top wedding DJs Kelowna, like Airwaves Wedding DJ, and compile them in 8 simple steps.

How To Digitize Vinyl CDs

  1. Remove Dirt and Dust from the Vinyl

Before playing the vinyl record, you need to remove all the dirt and dust from its surface. If the record has not been used for a long time, it must be cleaned thoroughly with lint-free cloth and carbon fiber brush.

  1. Connect All the Devices

Connect all the necessary devices properly.

  • If your turntable has a USB output, connect the USB cable to the computer’s port.
  • If the turntable does not have USB output, you need to connect your turntable to the pre-amp or receiver.
  • Now, plug 3.5mm RCA cable to the monitor output and relay it to the “Line-in” port of your PC or Mac.
  1. Start the Software
  • Simply open Audacity software, or whatever software you have, on your PC or MAC.
  • Choose the right input source from the preferences pane. (other software may have different panel setting).
  • If you’re using Audacity, press “Edit” button and choose “System Preferences”
  • In the Device pane, choose the “Recording” section.
  • Choose “Line-In” option from the resulting drop down menu
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You may be required to choose and confirm the input source within the main sound panel of your computer.

  1. Start Recording

There is a red circular shaped button on top indicating Record sign. You can find it at the navigational toolbar at the top. Press the button to begin recording the sound from your chosen device. Make sure that the input levels should be adjusted time to time, in order to reduce distortion and clipping.

  1. Be Patient
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Now, depending upon your preferences, allow the entire side or the section of it to play through. Then click on the yellow square shape that represents the stop sign. It may be different in other software, but it normally exists besides the Record button.

  1. Split Tracks

Most often, Kelowna wedding DJs tend to split the album into different tracks. To do that with Audacity software,

  • Click-n-drag the cursor and highlight the duration of the track you want to split.
  • Then click on the option named “Tracks” available on the toolbar.
  • Choose “Add label At Selection” in the drop down menu
  • Give proper name to the track
  1. Export

After splitting the albums and naming all the tracks, follow these steps to export the media:

  • Click on the “file” tab on the toolbar
  • Select “Export multiple” option from the dropdown box
  • Choose the file format according to your requirements
  • Save location
  • Fill in missing meta data in the pop up menu
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Click “Export” button available at the bottom right.

  1. Get Ready to Enjoy

That’s a great job!

Now, you can convert as many LPs as you like. You can always share the music with your friends and impress them with your music appetite.

Dessie H