Things To Consider While Choosing Curtain Fabrics For Home

When you step out from your house in search of home decor curtain fabrics for windows you come across the variety of options that are laying out there just to confuse you. One needs to take see fit the fabric fits the bill.

Choosing the right weight, the fabric texture, its light exposing quality and durability is just a part of the whole process. There are various of other aspects that one should be careful about which you feel after purchasing due to lack of planning and knowledge.

Things To Consider While Choosing Curtain Fabrics For Home

Here are some of the effective tips that will help you to make a right decision among tons of options as per your needs and house requirement:-

Lighting Condition

Some area of your house would probably have more lighting where other rooms might be exposed to less light compared to the other one. So, choose the fabric as per the natural lighting condition of the room. Some fabric does get damaged and fade away when they are in contact with sunlight directly, buy the one which will meet the requirement accurately as well as remain in the healthy condition throughout.

Temperature Control

Most of you may be already experienced this if you have faced this situation in past. The fabric you choose actually control the temperature of your place. Fabrics like linen and cotton keep the room temperature cool and prevent the heat from coming in. where curtains made of velvet and suede make your place bit warmer and keep the cold away from entering your home.


Based on the design of your interior, I assume you must have something in mind related to how you want the home to look like. If you are aiming for a classy and elegant look which will give a bright and shiny appearance then go for silk or faux silk. If you’re a kind of person who wants to keep things simple and sophisticated then nothing can be better than liner or velvet.  

Create a Pattern

You can’t use the same design and color for every room, you need to create a pattern that needs to be followed in every single room of your house. For example, for the dining area or the drawing room you should be going with colors that keep the brightness of the area little higher than moderate. On the other hand, for the bedroom choose a color which keeps the lighting of the room balanced. Any pattern you choose needs to be eye pleasing. Where you can use decorative patterns in the drawing area, for the bedroom you can follow a simple and classy look.  

Thread Count

If you buy a fabric which is loosely weaved that means it has less number of thread counts allowing to pass the light through it easily. If you want the room to stay a little dark and shady then go for a tightly weaved fabric which will have the higher number of thread counts and passes less amount of light as compared to the loosely weaved one.

The end You need to make the decision of your house fabrics by yourself, if you are having so many doubts in mind and you are unable to make a decision by yourself. Then, I would suggest you to look forward towards hiring fabric decorator for your home.

It might seem a little tricky to choose the right kind of fabric for your home, but realizing your requirements and taking into consideration the above mentioned points should certainly help. You can also check out various online fabric stores right from the comfort of your home.

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