Things To Do In Agra Apart from Visiting The Taj Mahal

Have you been to Agra a lot? Have you visited Taj Mahal a lot of time while there? If answer to both of the questions is yes then get ready to indulge in offbeat things that are equally enjoyable. From cultural walks in the historical city to the culinary tours and various colonial structures Agra has many things that make it a popular tourist destination. Just book your tickets in Indore to Agra train and get ready to have an awesome time in the city. Here are some of the things you must explore while in Agra.

Things To Do In Agra Apart from Visiting The Taj Mahal

Cultural Walk: Who said Agra is just in regards to the Taj Mahal? Take this stroll to explore the shrouded paths, the clamoring markets, mosques and sanctuaries of Agra. Not just this, comprehend the Taj Mahal and Red Fort from an alternate point of view. View the Taj Mahal from a mystery spot! Visit the nearby shops to taste conventional desserts of Agra and appreciate a ride on the Rickshaw. Take this walk and be at a neighborhood of Agra as you explore different  things to do in Agra!

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Things To Do In Agra Apart from Visiting The Taj Mahal

Culinary Tour: Are you a foodie searching for things to do in Agra? Take a gastronomical and social stroll to encounter the nearby eateries of Agra! Hire a guide and he will take you through all the popular restaurants of Agra. Amid this trail, you won’t just taste the delicious food additionally comprehend when and why is a specific dish arranged! You will likewise be educated little stories concerning the historical backdrop of the diners. Amazing! Isn’t that an awesome thing to do in Agra?

Touring Sabzi Mandi: Meaning vegetable market in English, you can visit this business sector to witness and comprehend the purchasing and offering of vegetables and fruits. Cooperate with the neighborhood sellers who will let you know about the nearby names and use of the particular vegetables. This experience will be directed by walking or by taking a rickshaw! Take this visit just in the event that you need to be right amidst the clamoring vegetable business sector of Agra and find truly cool things to do!

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Visiting the colonial structures: It’s hard to believe, but it’s true, Agra isn’t just known for The Taj Mahal, Mughal Monuments and the Panchhi Petha! Agra houses various pioneer structures from the times of the British Rule! This walk will cover cabins, Cemeteries, Churches, Cathedrals and various different structures and places that have there as far back as the British Rule! Take this visit in the event that you know need to additional about Agra and in the event that you like investigating past the self-evident.

Exploring Agra on Bike: What an extraordinary thing to do in Agra! Bicycle Tours are not constrained just to Europe! The bicycle visit is an extraordinary approach to explore Agra. In case you’re a biker or a voyager or a pilgrim, this visit is for you! You will explore the legacy, society, landmarks, markets and nourishment of Agra through this Bike Tour. No stresses, you are furnished with all the accessories to have a protected and energizing ride. This visits covers the accompanying spots – Agra Fort, Taj Mahal, Streets and markets of Agra and Agra sustenance!

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With so many things to do apart from visiting Taj Mahal in Agra get ready to have an awesome time in the Mughal capital. However, book your tickets on Indore to Agra trains in advance as you might not be able to get a confirm seats if you do it near the date of departure.

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