Shinning and Bouncy Hair: 6 Hacks

Long, thick, shinning and bouncy hair is the type of hair that many would love to have; it is a sign of youthfulness and it makes ladies feel pretty and feminine. With time, everyone ages and so do our hairs. They start losing elasticity and thinning as well. The natural changes that impact the health of our hairs include hormone changes, changes in blood flow and loose of cellular reproduction. Below are the secrets to thick, bouncy and shinning hair:

Shinning and Bouncy Hair: 6 Hacks

1. Avoid Brushing the Hair when Wet

Never brush your hair when it is wet. Hair is at its weakest point when wet and brushing it ruin your hair since its level of breaking is very high. This should always be your rule, whether you are at home or in the most expensive salon in the city. Always give your hair time to dry on its own. When brushing, start brushing from the top and work your way towards the scalp so that you can minimize hair from tangling each other. The secret of protecting such weak hair from breaking is the use of a long toothed comb.

2. Skip the Blow Out

If you love different hair styles and you are always out to try the different heat styling products that will give you the perfect curls, then you are ruining the shininess and volume of your hair. If you blow dry your hair in order to dry it and straighten it, avoid using other heat styling products like curling iron because you will be harming your hair. If you want those pretty waves that a blow dry cannot give, try out air drying your hair completely and then using the curling iron. The trick of making your hair to look fuller, thicker, and shinier is using a ceramic curling iron. When curling, ensure that you curl back away from your face.

3. Try Hair Treatments

Treatment is the solution to adding nutrients to hair and reconstructing your hair fiber. You may have tried all methods from hiring a nutritionist to paying the best salon, all in an effort to improve on the look of your hair. You may just be missing an important step which is treating your hair. Hair treatment gives back life to hair as it helps in strengthening your hair. You can opt for home treatment as well.

4. Just don’t Cut

Just don’t cut your hair because others are doing it. It may be the latest fashion, but you may be doing it wrong. Give your hair a trim every other time that you visit your stylist. Do not cut it more than 3 inches. Trimming your hair makes sure that your hair remains long and healthy. Make it a habit to clean up the front by trimming your hair and this will assure you that your stays long, lays right and has a bouncy look without the chunky hairs.

5. Go for a different Day Dirty

Washing of your hair will strip its natural oils and thus it will look dry and will have higher chance of breaking. This is actually unhealthy and not good for your hair. Wash your hair at least three times in a week and you will be sure not only to save on time but to save your hair from stripping its natural oils. It ensures that your hair remain healthy as well. You may never know what is good enough for your hair, until you try it. Try different dry shampoos such as dry shampoo powder spray. Consult your stylist before you try out on a new product because not every product is meant for all types of hairs.

6. Skip the Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a quick fix to get you the best look. While you look amazing in the latest hair extension, you are ruining your hair at the end. Hair extensions always keep you from your goal and you forget working towards having long, thick and shiny hair. We are more beautiful with our natural hairs than with synthetic hair extension that only gives a fake impression of who we really are.


Even for the lucky ones who are blessed with the fine and thick hair, they have to put in some effort so that they can make their hair look attractive and beautiful. Your hair will at times loose its attractiveness due to factors that are beyond your control. For this reason, you need to pamper your hair. Follow the simple steps above for a shinny and bouncy hair that you have always been dreaming of.

Kathy M