Want an AR-15? 4 Reasons Why It’s a Good Investment to Make

With the talk of gun control getting louder every day, now is the time to buy guns. This is especially true for the AR-15 rifle; for whatever reason, this common firearm is often characterized as an “assault rifle”. This is not the case at all. Rather, an AR-15 is an easy-to-use, lightweight, and highly accurate rifle.

Today, along with storable food and gold, firearms are a good investment. Topping the list of valuable firearms to buy right now is the AR-15.

America’s Favorite Rifle

The AR-15 is the most popular rifle in America today, for good reason. It’s affordable, accurate, and highly customizable. It also looks scary-cool, which is one of the reasons why it’s often targeted by gun control advocates.

This highly versatile rifle is ideal for home defense, and despite what you might have heard, it can be used for hunting too. Not only that, its lightweight and low kick-back make it easy for women to handle. In fact, under supervision, even a child can learn to shoot an AR-15. The fact is, an AR-15 is an all-purpose rifle that the entire family can learn to use.

AR-15 Custom Rifles

Another reason why AR-15s are so popular is that they are highly customizable. You can quickly swap out custom uppers and lowers within seconds. In addition to custom colors, you can customize the grips, stocks, barrels, hand guards, bolt carriers, and more.

Typically, an AR-15 magazine holds thirty rounds, but you can upgrade to a drum magazine that holds fifty rounds of .223 ammo. The fact is, once you buy a basic AR-15, you can add custom parts to make it into the perfect custom rifle for any purpose. Swap out a few parts, and your home defense rifle becomes a deer hunting rifle.

Takes Commonly Available Ammunition

The AR-15 can take both Remington .223 and NATO 5.56 ammunition, depending on how it is chambered. However, with a caliber conversion kit, your AR-15 can fire 9mm or .22 rounds, and much more. Being able to switch calibers can make target practice more affordable. Also, some common calibers are becoming more expensive and harder to find. The ability to adapt to different rounds makes the AR-15 an ideal, all-purpose rifle.

As the world becomes more unstable and uncertain, an AR-15 is a smart investment. It’s a tool that will not only protect your family and home but also can be used to put meat on the table.