Top 6 Reasons to Opt for cPanel Hosting

cPanel hosting is a popular, web-based control panel offered by numerous hosting companies to control and manage websites. Owing to its ease of use, high compatibility and richness of features, cPanel has become quite a sensation among webmasters, often making it their first choice for managing their websites easily and effectively. To learn more about cPanel hosting and get information on top cPanel hosting companies, please visit cPanel Hosting Reviews.

Here we will have a look at the top five reasons why, as a webmaster, you should opt for cPanel hosting to manage your website:-

Wide Compatibility

One of the biggest advantages of cPanel hosting is its degree of compatibility offered. cPanel is highly compatible with a number of open source web applications, as well as with a wide range of operating systems and virtual environments, such as KVM, Linux-VServer, and CentOS versions 5.x/6.x among numerous others.

Top 6 Reasons to Opt for cPanel Hosting

Ease of Installation + Cost-Effectiveness

Because of the fact that it is a free and an open source platform, cPanel allows for cheaper, cost-effective hosting as compared to other hosting plans available. Moreover, the ease of installation is another great advantage offered by cPanel; just follow a few simple steps, and you are good to go!

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Seamless Site Management

cPanel allows for easier site management, enabling webmasters to accomplish numerous complex tasks in a simple manner. With cPanel hosting, you can easily monitor web directories, check disk space, add/delete domains, check bandwidth, maintain and check your site’s backup, install/uninstall FrontPage Extensions, manage multiple e-mail addresses & accounts, as well as add shopping cart software to your site, and carry out many other useful tasks.

Database Management

Easy database management is another reason you should consider cPanel hosting as opposed to other hosting plans out there. With cPanel, you can easily create and manage MySQL and PostgreSQL databases using phpMyAdmin, as well as modify and access them whenever you want to.

Numerous E-Mail Functions

The large number of e-mail functions offered by cPanel hosting is yet another reason to opt for it. cPanel allows you to not only create multiple e-mail accounts, but also add or remove them, change their passwords, assign domains to them, set up auto responders for each of them, as well as block unwanted e-mails completely. The SpamAssassin feature of cPanel also allows you to filter your e-mails, making it easier to separate the important e-mails from the unwanted ones, and preventing the latter from reaching your inbox

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Website Statistics

With cPanel hosting, checking your website statistics has never been easier! Now you can easily view your website rankings, the number of visitors on your site, and overall user experience, plus a few other important stats. This is an important function of cPanel, as it lets webmasters to incorporate the necessary changes and improvements in their websites, thus allowing for an enhanced user experience.  

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Be it managing your website files, creating databases or managing your e-mails, cPanel hosting is undoubtedly the most convenient and user-friendly hosting option you will come across, with numerous practical features and options to allow for a smooth website-management experience.

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