With the advent of the summer season, the things that come into our mind are mangoes, beaches, lemonades and cool cotton clothing. We women, blaming the heat have just another reason to shed off some layers to beat the heat and look attractive at the same time. Unlike winters, where we have to just wear layers and layers of clothes to protect ourselves, summers are much more fun. All things bright and shiny look nice, all flimsy fabrics make our skin breathe and experiment with clothes to your heart’s content.

Summer season is one of the coolest seasons to try out the new trends in fashion. It allows you to bare the skin as much as possible and drape the new fashionable styles on your silhouette. As the summer starts, we mostly make plans to go out to the hill stations and a few beaches to feel the cool breeze and feel calmer and cooler. When I say the word beach a few things automatically strike my mind, skirts, the cotton fabrics, the white colors, the beach hat, the sunglasses, the flip flops, the swimsuit, the barbecue, the cool beverages and finally the beach chair. All this stuff together makes up a complete beach holiday where you can sit back and relax under the sun with the suntan lotion on the skin and having crispy talks with your partner.

When you plan to visit a beach, a bit obvious thing that strikes the mind is the skirt. I know skirts are not restricted specifically to the beach areas, but without them, the beach holiday is definitely incomplete. And why only beaches, we can definitely dress them up to our offices, dinner dates and what not. Skirts stay the coolest outfits for the summers, the only changes that we have to make is with the variant tops for women which could be paired up with them. Today, I am writing this article to show you some of the classic tops for women, which are stylish patterns for the summer season to be teamed up with skirts. Whether you try them out for a beach or even for the casual day outs, these are going to make you the head turners for the event.

From blouses to cardigans, from ruffle top to the tank top, from camisoles to spaghetti, and from vintage shirts to crop tops, the list of tops for girls is endless when we try to pair them up with skirts. Earlier, the basic tops were limited only to a pair of denim or trousers, but with changing modern times, the tops for women have gained huge recognition in the fashion industry and are being used with anything under them. It is all about the creativity and imagination one can use to team them up with shorts, denim, skirts, trousers, capris, joggers, or even pajamas. So let us take a look at the various fashionable tops for Women which we can give a try to be teamed up with the skirts.

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The picture depicts the 12 best styles which one can try with a skirt. These include cardigans, jackets, crop tops, basic tops, basic tee, peplum, ruffles shirt and vintage blouses. Every woman has her own creativity of styling them up with a skirt, but I will be showing you some major styles which are easy to carry and stylish to present to the public. My four basic stylish tops for girls include basic tee, shirt, tank top and a crop top which anyone could use without worrying about the body type or the curves. These just need to be styled up with grace and elegance and trust me the world would rock to your tunes when you be out in these styles.

  1. The Basic Tee


Firstly, a basic tee, this is the most casual and the comfortable look one can have. Simply roll up the sleeves, tuck the tee-shirt inside the skirt and you are ready to go. When you pair up a basic tee with your skirt, it gives you an uber chic look. Keeping both the garments loose and flowy will not do a justice to people will small waists, it is really important that you tuck the tee shirt in or else it would not support you for the slim slender look. Just look at the pictures below how simply she has used her two outfits, making one nice costume for the day. And the other way to style the skirts with the basic tee has been shown by the other women who has kept it above the waistline of the skirt. The tee shirt could even be used in this approach as it would allow the curvaceous figures to hide their love handles and can get more at ease with their style of top. Style the outfit with a nice handbag and a pair of sneakers and you are good to go.

  1. The tank top


Then comes up the Tank top for women, these are the next uber-cool outfits for a woman who can style them up with any form of the bottom, from a pair of denim to trousers but styling them with skirts has its own overall get up. Tank tops are the real tops for women which could be used for the summer season for a beach, casual weekend or for a Sunday brunch at your friend’s place. The following pictures show the perfect examples on how to style a tank top with a skirt. Either get your skirt printed and pair it up with a plain tank top and team it with flip flops of your choice and a nice hobo bag. Or else go in for plain top and plain skirt in solid hues and team them up with accessories to create a distinction and uniqueness in the overall outlook. Let the skirts flow with the breeze and your skin feel the touch of the coolness, the tank tops for girl are the suitable examples of feeling the coolness in the hot season near the beach or under the tree. So what you are waiting for, get the right fit for you, pair it up with your favorite skirt and rock the show.

  1. The Crop tops
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Well, these are that category of women tops which do not need a mention even for the summers, as these top the chart when a woman needs to dress up in the hot weathers. The most stylish and elegant styles are trendy crop tops for girls which need not have any restrictions with skirts or jeans or any other form of trousers. Crop tops are the coolest ways to expose the midriff and allow you to use them up with any style of skirt, whether long, short or mini. The pictures here prove the ways through which we can team them up for events like a vacation to the beach or for a casual day out in style. The first style portraying the long skirt teaming up with the crop top where the woman used it in the combination of black and blue and accessorized her outfit with a chain necklace. And the other girl used the same combination with a short skirt and accessorized it with a belt to grace up the overall beauty. Try the best shoes with the style, either the flip flops or the heels as per your convenience and the occasion and paint the streets in your color.

  1. The shirt


Many would wonder how could shirts be used with skirts as one of the tops for women. But trust me this is also one of the uber chic styles which would make you stand out in the crowd. The only thing that you need to remember while styling this basic top is you need to carry with all the confidence you have without worrying for the society. Walk with attitude, and you will be stealing the hearts of many. The kicking shirts for women which could be used as the tops with the skirts could either be sleeveless or sleeved as you wish. The following pictures manifest the sleeved shirts one in vintage blouse style, the plaid shirt and the other one in denim style. The first one has been used with a long skirt which depicts the formal look for the office or a business meeting or a dinner party with the colleagues. The second one in casual style could be used for the weekend day outs for the beach holidays, Sunday brunches or for another day time events. And the third one in which the woman used a checked plaid shirt with black skirt could be used for going out for shopping, picnics, barbecue nights and lot more. The lady teamed it with leggings and ankle length boots which make it a nice trick to use the same style for the winter season as well.

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The above explained are just a few styles which women could use to style up with the skirts. There is a lot of variety of tops for girls available on the website which gives the women a privilege to choose the best styles for her as per their body type and occasions for which they like to dress up. Stalkbuylove has got the latest trendy collections for the tops for women which prove the website the most updated website as it has got all the latest collections from the basic tops to all stylish ranges which we need to update our wardrobes.

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