4 Hair and Hat Styles for Balding Men

Although balding is never an enjoyable experience for men, there are ways to do it gracefully or even embrace the change by giving yourself a new look or style. Figuring out the kinds of hats or hairstyles that might work to mitigate the appearance of balding is usually a matter of personal preference, hair type, and where a person is at in the balding process. This list will show you just four of the hats or hairstyles that might work for balding men.

4 Hair and Hat Styles for Balding Men

Temple Fade and Newsboy Cap

If a man finds that his hair is starting to thin out on the sides, he may want to go all-in and get ahead of the problem by introducing a faded cut. Fading hair at the sides can add a sleek look that draws attention to the rest of the hair up top. A classic newsboy cap can complete this stylish throwback to a bygone yet in-vogue era.

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Deep Part and Fedora

A deep part to the side of a balding hairline may give off a youthful and bohemian look that can hide signs of aging. Men with this style can keep longer hair on top out of their faces and avoid looking more disheveled or older than they are in reality. Topping this look off with a classic fedora hat can be the proverbial icing on the cake a man might need to embrace middle-aged fashion gracefully.

Shaved Cut and Baseball Cap

If a man is experiencing significant balding, going for the shaved look to get ahead of it might be a good option. This style pairs well with a baseball cap, but it is probably a good idea to go for a plain cap with no logos or garish colors to give everything a more mature vibe. This is also a good look if a man is waiting for hair transplants to kick in and start regrowth.

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Spiked Top and Beanie

Should a man still have a decent amount of hair on top and want to draw attention to it, teasing it into short spikes can give off a punk vibe that is still fashionable enough for most everyday circumstances. This kind of haircut can be completed with a beanie cap in muted colors alongside casual clothing.

In addition to helping a person overcome some of the issues associated with balding, hats can be a fun way to add flair or to complete different outfits for any occasion. Coupled with the right hairstyle, a good hat may inspire confidence or security and add just the right touch needed to attract attention to the scalp or head in a positive way.