Transforming The Business Way With Enterprise Mobility Solutions

The Enterprises is one of the sectors which always dare to adopt the new technology and innovations. The mobility is bringing transformational changes in the business operations, marketing processes and campaigns, IT, and Mobile app development departments. Evidently, it is making the employees work easier and creating an environment of transparency.

Recognizing the fluidity of the enterprise mobility and its current associated benefits, it is becoming the next agenda and the budget for any of the organization having a significant proportion of its workforce outside the office premises.

Transforming The Business Way With Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Apart from the in-house team, looking for the Enterprise Mobility Consulting Services in order to facilitate their employees working remotely to be connected with the main center is another step in the pathway of being the early adopters of the technology.

A Nasscom report created in association with Deloitte suggests that the global enterprise mobility market opportunity is expected to grow by a CAGR of 15% to touch $140 billion by 2020. This market comprises of MDM, Mobile Application Management (MAM), mobile security and Mobile Business applications. Enterprise mobility growth is expected to be the highest at 21%.” (Source:

One of the reasons to search for mobility consulting services is that the mobile devices could be used in different situations in relation to the employee’s activities. For instance, the marketing team could easily co-ordinate with the manufacturing team to know about the stock and any other information regarding the products; factory worker may report to the management team about the machinery at the point of discovery without wait time, and, etc.

Let us explore the advantages to opt for iPhone/Android or hybrid app development services [because employees use smartphones of their choice] for the enterprises. The enterprise apps use the features of the smartphones to coordinate for business discussions.

  • The portability of the device, i.e., use of the phone in office floor, field, market, or wherever the employee is, extends the communication ability and lead to engagement and enablement.
  • The ability of using the device anytime even while in transit leads to better productivity owing to critical operational information on real time.
  • The ability to share the device screen enhances customer service, learning and knowledge transfer.
  • The ability to access the relevant data at the point of need leads to better productivity, interactivity and adept customer services.
  • The ability to capture and share data on real-time provides accurate data. It leads to business intelligent solutions through process improvement.
  • The streamlined and enhanced user experience leads to higher adopting owing to better engagement.
  • The access of corporate systems into the employees own mobile device enhances ownership yet with reduced cost.
  • As there is no system independence, it increases the process efficiency. The enterprise functionality is delivered at a faster time.
  • The in-built camera of the device could be used to scan data like QR codes, upload information and share instantly with the respective department.

In addition to these mobile device advantages, the wearable tech is also set to create opportunities for the employees to access the digital workplace. In a nutshell, the enterprise mobility is becoming the game-changer for the organization leading to increased growth and profitability; employee productivity; enhanced customer engagement; improved decision making, and all at an appreciable cost-effective rate.

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