Travel Hacks You Need To Start Applying Now!

It’s about time that you get off from only reading food and travel blogs 2020 and start planning for an actual vacation for yourself. Before you think to yourself that you can’t afford traveling in your budget, well, think again! Because that’s what every salary-man thinks before they get to know about the points-earning program. There is one reported statistic that says that not even 1% of the US population took time off for a vacation in 2015. The reason was simply that it was not possible for them to afford it.

Don’t let your travel plans suffer only because of some money problems when you can overcome the issue by playing it smart.

Travel Hacks You Need To Start Applying Now!

There are few travel hacks that you can apply to your daily life to make your food and travel blogs read come true finally.

Get to Know About Hotel and Airlines Loyalty Programs

You know, you can earn points and miles while looking for a flight to your destination or even while getting your hotel room? People tend to hurry in the process of booking a flight or their rooms. What they should do is to complete their research about the flight they wanted to take. There are airlines that offer points earning deal over miles, which can then be used later for the direct booking or other travel expenses.

Use Credit Cards with Travel Rewards

Using a credit card might stress you up. Mainly because of all the stigma attached to it. For a lot of people using a credit card in their daily lives even for certain things are a big no-no. But trust us when say that it is not that problematic. As long as you keep it under a limit and have a proper check and balance over each expenditure.

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Coming back on the topic of earning rewards, there are credit cards that offer points-earning for each of your payments. You should start your journey for the traveling hack from here by looking at the type of credit cards you can use to help you build a worthwhile points reward.

BUT, How to Meet the Minimum Spend Requirement with Ease?

Before we move any further while looking over these credit cards, you might have noticed that to get to your desired points, and you have to meet the minimum requirement spend criteria. Mini requirement spends the limit from where you’ll start earning the points or in some cases the limit you have to reach to make a big point. Most of them seemingly look impossible to achieve, but in reality, it’s not.

You can reach your minimum requirement, spend with ease by paying for your everyday needs via your credit card. House mortgage or home loans are impossible to pay by the credit, but you can surely use them in paying bills. Phone, electricity, or even grocery, maybe. These are the kind of expenses that take place on a monthly or everyday basis and will help you achieve your minimum goal.

Buy Coffee and Get a Reward

Coffee is something you surely buy every morning religiously. Because without your morning coffee, it will be a hell of a day for you to go on with. However, you can turn this daily expense of yours into an opportunity to get points for traveling. That’s right, BY PAYING THE BILL FROM YOUR CREDIT CARD. There is no rocket science needed to understand how it will help you get closer to your spending goal.

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Spend Smarter- Earn More

With all this talk about paying more from your credit and saving the money for the bill only might, take you a little far. But you have to keep everything under your notice. Spend only as much as you need, because, with credit cards, it is effortless to go overboard. Remember you’re only doing this to earn more points. You can pay for your lunch, gas filling, and things that you utilize in a routine by your credit. No extra expenses, so that you can quickly pay the bill on time at the end of the month. Remember that paying your credit card bill on time is also part of the deal. You don’t want to become a default or late payer if you’re going to earn some golden points.

Don’t Go for Cash-backs, Go for points-earning Credit Cards Only!

When you start using the things around you smartly to help get those award points and miles, there might be some things that’ll misguide you. You need to understand the difference between cash-back rewards and points-earning programs. Cash-back might sound like a good idea because you can spend them on any possible travel expense. However, you need to realize the bigger fish in this pond are your tickets and hotel bookings. You can read any food and travel blogs, and they’ll all focus on how to save money on flights and room bookings because that’s where you can save big. Points-earnings are better than any reward cash-back, mainly because you will be required a lower amount of earned points on your credit card than you will have to give with your cash-back. This is where you make a difference.

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Learn all the tricks and tips for your smooth and budget-friendly trip to the dream destination. Follow all the ideas mentioned above as much as you can. Your real reward is the look that your friends and colleagues will have on their faces when you get to tell them about your incredible journey.

Amelie J