Unexpected Data Loss Problems and How To Solve Them

Because sensitive data is fundamental to the fluent running of any corporation, institution or even small projects, lots of ways have been developed to ensure that data doesn’t go missing. When the data is not private and when it’s going into the hands of a third party wouldn’t be devastating, it’s often possible for people to store their data on the internet in cloud storage. However, this is not usually done with sensitive data even though there are companies which provide data security. In such cases, it’s considered a good idea to save data at multiple locations within a single device.

If you are familiar with the idea, then you know what a RAID drive is. “RAID” stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. It can have any number of stages, and at each stage fresh copy of every file on the base disk is stored. Hence, a RAID with three stages “RAID2” has each file stored at three locations. This might sound like a safe bet, but sometimes, even this doesn’t work. For example, an overloading to your computer’s power input could burn your SATA port and cause damage to the disks irrespective of their stage. Furthermore, it might be that a viral infection damages all the levels on your RAID and multiple files vanish from all locations. Hence, while RAIDs are great to ensure you don’t “usually” lose data, relying on them exclusively is putting all your cards on one game. If you’re facing RAID data loss, you’ll be happy to know that there are still ways of recovering your files.

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Unexpected Data Loss Problems and How To Solve Them

RAID Data Recovery

Recovering files of RAID drives is relatively similar to recovering data from hard drives. You need to run data recovery software such as EaseUS and allow it to fish out the lost files for you. RAID recovery is simple, but the key problem is that most software available in the market does not have a provision for it as it is a much specialised form of drive. Fortunately, EaseUS does.

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RAW Partitions

Have you ever faced the Unrecoverable Sector Read Error on your computer? This happens when the partition you had your data in gets corrupt. A partition is a region within a disk that has its own separate series of bit sequencing. If a partition is corrupt or “broken”, it is likely that this sequencing will be lost and the computer will have no idea where the data went. If you know how to recover data from USB, you know how to go about this.

Simply install software such as EaseUS data recovery, and search the entire drive for characters signifying the beginnings and ends of files. Even though the computer cannot identify the “file”, it can definitely read what is containing in each unit of storage. When the containing character is file opening character, you know that what follows is a file. This is how software packages recover RAW partition. It is quite simple and what’s even better, you can download light versions of software such as EaseUS for free!