Work Online With Sharepoint And Hosted Desktops

Online SharePoint is the cloud service offered by Apps4Rent. This cloud service is designed to meet the requirements of working online. With an increase in the number of entrepreneurs showing interest in hiring the best hands for their jobs, irrespective of their geographical locations, the need to work and collaborate online has become prominent. Keeping this fact in mind, the experts at Apps4Rent have developed an interesting online portal called CloudAppsPortal that have amazing benefits to offer to the business owners looking for online resource pools. Some of the benefits of subscribing to Online SharePoint through this apps portal are:

  • Easy migration and coordination
  • Close to 100% server uptime
  • Active Directory synchronization and hybrid solutions
  • Easy collaboration and online meeting schedules and many more

Work Online With Sharepoint And Hosted Desktops

Online Working Made Easy with Hosted Desktops

Apps4Rent is a complete stop for site hosting and maintenance needs. To access the websites in a better way, the need to achieve working in low bandwidths is best fulfilled with the hosted desktops offered by this cloud service provider. The biggest advantage of hosted desktops is coordinated working that allows the workers to streamline and update the databases as per the business requirements. Apart from this, the subscribers get the benefits of:

  • 24-hr technical assistance available at
  • Database streamlining and implementation in a coordinated fashion
  • Hybrid solutions applicable for search and business connectivity purposes
  • Open Office, free RAM, free applications such as browsers, messengers, media players and various utilities such as WordPad, calculator, live mail, remote desktop connection, single sign on, multi-media interface, and many others – all of these are crucial for carrying out of normal business processes.
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Easy Migration – No Excuses for not Switching to Online Working

There is no excuse why you should not subscribe to The workers get the same environment like Windows OS that they are trained for working. Also, the convenience of contacting with any of the working partners anywhere, at the time of choice boosts the productivity of the teams on the whole.

Another advantage is that of easy migration with the guarantee of no data loss. Such smooth transition makes virtual desktops the preferred choice amongst business owners who find trying something new to be a dicey affair. They are given extra comfort in the form of Microsoft service support that stands for reliability and confidentiality.

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Online Working – A Step Towards becoming the Market Leader

Businesses thrive on technologically updated ways and better management policies. There are numerous situations that require teams to collaborate online. Female staff especially can contribute better when they are given the choice of working from home, which is possible only due to enhanced business connectivity provided by hosted desktops.

Virtual desktops come with a variety of benefits, the most important being space conservation. People need not invest innumerable bucks on purchasing large desktops, or hiring conference rooms. They can connect each other through chats, messengers etc. and can share documents and files on a real basis. This way of working online is just right for the enterprises running on tight budgets.

Who to Approach for Installing Online Working Network

Organizations switching to mode of working online can rely upon the services of Cloud Virtual Desktop provided by Apps4Rent, a tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Provider. This service provider has plans for all business entities and they provide online support 24 hours to all their clients. The clouds of this service provider are stored on Microsoft servers which means the clients get only the most updated features to enjoy on subscribing to

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With more than thousands of migrations undertaken successfully, this service provider has complete set-up to offer to the clients operating varying business types. Flexibility, scalability, reliability and easy implantation are some of the features that come handy with the services of CloudsAppPortal designed by Apps4Rent. Talk to the experts today at Apps4Rent and strike the golden deal.

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