Wedding Accessories: Choosing The Perfect Wedding Invitations

Your Invitation is one of the most importantwedding accessories for your big day. It is same as important as your wedding table decorations.It will introduce your guests to your big day so it should set the tone and mood for the event. It is important not to rush when choosing your invitations as a well thought of invitation will speak volumes about the event. Take the time to choose a design that really reflects the wedding and suits your theme and style for the big day.

It can be a daunting task to know where to start as there a lot of options out there however if you do get stuck, here is a compilation of the popular trends in wedding invites.

Wedding Accessories: Choosing The Perfect Wedding Invitations

Handmade designs: Over the last couple of years, couples have become a lot more involved in their wedding prep and one way to do this is diy accessories and decor. Handmade cards are really popular and can be a fun way to get together with family and put together something that reflects the couple’s personality. This is a great way to save some money without compromising on quality.

Sparkle and shine: If you prefer a slightly glamorous or fashion look for your wedding invite, then adding some crystal or gemstones would be the way to go. A few crystals on the card can really uplift the overall design and give it a stylish look.

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Think green: As couples get more conscious of the environment and try to have more eco friendly weddings, invitations made from recycled paper are getting more popular. Additional materials like twigs, leaves and dry flowers strengthen the natural theme and really add texture and substance to the invites.

Bold hues

Although white is still used for formal weddings, many couples are opting for more vibranthues to compliment their theme or season. Opt for three harmonizing colours from your wedding palette to ensure your invite stands out from the crowd. This season sees a lot of deeper shades like plum and navy.

Added extras: Gone are the days when the invite would be accompanied by a simple white envelope.These days a lot of thought goes into the envelope’s design as the card itself. The cards can be sheathed in anything from colourful fabric pouches to thick embossed envelopes and clear plastic pockets. These now also come with a reply card, thank you card, directions to the wedding venue, menu card and other information the couples sees fit to include.

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Wedding Accessories: Choosing The Perfect Wedding Invitations

E-invites: Another great way to grab the attention of your guests is to send the invites by email or electronic format. It can be time saving and you can send it to as many people as you want without worrying about postage or the invites getting lost in the mail. You can create a simple or elaborate design and incorporate additional features like your favourite song, animation or even a video message.

Initial story: For many years, it was normal to have a monogram of the bride’s initials on the wedding card however couples now prefer to include both sets of initials or their full names which is a great way to add a personal touch to the invitation.

Informalwording: Couples these days are moving away from traditional invitation wording, and creating less formal invitations. While it was custom for invitations to be sent out by the couple’s parents, many couples are now choosing to send the invites directly themselves. Formallines such as ‘The pleasure of your company is requested’ also being replaced with simpler and relaxed sentences such as ‘Join us as we take the plunge’.

Mix and match: This is quite a popular trend on the runway so why not incorporate it onto your wedding cards? Bold patterns like polka dots, delicate flower prints and stripes are all eye catching in their own right however when two or three clashing prints are mixed together, the overall result is something entirely different. Ensure the prints are all in the same colour scheme.

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Textured finish:Why not get creative and add some texture to your card to give it some added oomph? Fabrics, wires, pressed flowers or extra card layers are all great ways to create a unique design that will look different from the standard flat cards,

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