What People Have For Breakfast In Different Countries?

Breakfast is a popular daily activity in any culture and country. It is associated with the tradition of starting a whole new day. Breakfast could be consisted of multiple unique culinary delights. Here are what people eat in different countries:

What People Have For Breakfast In Different Countries

• United States and Canada: Bacon, sausage, egg, milk, coffee, orange juice, English muffins, hash browns, toast and orange juice.

• United Kingdom: Eggs, grilled tomato, grilled kidney, sausage, bacon, toast, brown bread and toast with marmalade, jam, honey or butter.

• Russia: Tvorog (soft curd cheese), kasha (cereal), lox on whole wheat bread, finger sandwich, cucumber pickles, fried eggs, sausage, black bread and hot tea.

• China: Rice or noodles with meat and vegetables

• Central and South America: Pan dulce, tortillas, sausages, chorizo, various egg dishes, fruit juices, fresh juices, fried plantaion and chocolate beverages.

• France: Hot chocolate with tartines, espresso, coffee with milk, black bread, baguette with jam and scrambled eggs with tomatoes and mushrooms.

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• Israel: Western-style breakfast with fruits, tomatoes, cucumbers, herring and yogurt.

• Turkey: Su boregi, bread with softened butter, honey, coffee, tea, tomatoes, cucumber, black olives and boiled eggs.

• Switzerland: Bread and rolls, croissants, butter, fruit, yogurt, cheese and sliced meats.

• Germany: Toast with jam, honey or butter. Butter rolls, coffee, soft boiled eggs, ham and sausage.

• Netherlands: Toast with cheese, poached eggs with ham, butter and bread.

• Belgium: Bread, tea, coffee, soft boiled eggs, cereals, fruit juice, almond paste cakes, sandwiches, croissants, currant loaves and sausages.

• Italy: Coffee and brioche.

• Greece: Coffee, fruit, cheese and bread.

• Scotland: Butter, brown bread, Arbroath smokies porridge, scones and oatcakes.

• Ireland: Irish soda bread, black puddings, fried bread and fried meats.

Sweden Bread with cheese or margarine, cereal, yogurt with fruit, turkey and smoked ham.

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• India: Appam, idli, puttu, coffee, yogurt, eggs and khichri.

In general, breakfast is a poplar activity around the world and it is something that busy people shouldn’t miss in their daily activities. Breakfast is something that we should do; in fact breakfast is important for people who are under strict weight loss program. By having breakfast, we could prevent our bodies from entering the starvation mode. By keeping our bodies in normal modes, we could keep calories burned at steady rate.

It would be very wonderful to know that we always have tasty meals on our table each morning. Breakfast can simply brighten our days with their wonderful smell and the promise of impressive taste. Breakfast is essential for our lifestyle and missing it could be one thing that we need to avoid. Breakfast is widely performed in many countries and food that we eat every morning can make us feel grateful for things that we have achieved.

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So, before we go to the office, we should spend a little bit more time in the kitchen to prepare wonderful meals for our families. Breakfast could make us feel wonderful and happier every day.