3 Common Misconceptions About Achieving Happiness

It is an unfortunate fact that there are so many sad people in this world. In reality, these people can lead a happier life if they know how to give up common misconceptions about happiness. Even those who consider themselves happy may still cling to some untruths. In reality, it is much easier to blame others for our unhappiness, although it is a simple fact that they have no power over our happiness. Through our poor decisions, we may relinquish such power to these people. We may be willing to work with tyrannical bosses, instead of looking for better jobs, although they may pay slightly less.

We should take steps to relinquish control from these people and rid ourselves of common misconceptions.

Three Common Misconceptions About Achieving Happiness

1. Money:

Many people believe that money can make us happier. It is true that poverty has caused much sadness and sorrow, but it still doesn’t guarantee that rich people are happier. Poor people don’t always be unhappy and rich people don’t always be happy. While we need to work hard to gain better lives financially, we shouldn’t consider money as a major factor in our happiness. In fact, making our lives revolve around money is a recipe for unhappy situations.

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Money should be considered only as a tool, instead of the source of our happiness. In reality, once money has taken care of our basic needs and enjoyments, it won’t have major impacts on our happiness. Pursuing money shouldn’t be our goal, because it will lead to an unhappy life. People who always pursue money will never have enough of it. One way to feel happier is by realizing that our family is well-fed, well-clothed and living in proper housing.

We know that our children get good education and our health insurance covers much of the medical costs. By being grateful for all that we have, it is much easier to feel happy.

2. Dependence to others:

One major misconception about gaining happiness is that we depend on others to achieve it. Real happiness comes from within ourselves. In fact, we don’t really need significant others or close friends to be happy. We also don’t need our children our grandchildren to be happy. Obviously, the presence of others who we value most can’t enrich our lives; but unhealthy family relationships are actually major cause of sorrow and sadness.

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To achieve happiness, we should make sure that we can achieve good relationship with family members and close friends.

3. Luck:

Many people say that luck is essential in achieving happiness. Actually, happiness isn’t about luck. It’s more about being more open to happiness and be ready to seek happiness in the unlikeliest places. This allows ourselves to be much happier. Many people who think that luck is necessary for happiness may not be lucky or happy themselves.

People deserve to be happy and we all have the capacity to be happy people. We shouldn’t wait for happiness to quickly come to us. Instead, we need to be ready for opportunities and actively seek for happiness.

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