4 Common Types Of Edible Mushrooms

When we eat pizza, we often see mushrooms on top or tucked under the cheese layer. While many people love mushrooms, other would consider that even one single slice of mushroom would ruin the whole pizza. However, people with more refined palate could increasingly love these plant-based foods. When fried with batter, some of these mushrooms could actually taste like savory white meat.

In reality, mushrooms can be beneficial for our health. Mushrooms are placed in the same category with other superfoods, such as veggies and fruits. In fact, one of the most important inventions in human history, penicillin, was extracted from the fungi family.

4 Common Types Of Edible Mushrooms

Edible mushrooms may contain about 85 percent water; they are rich in fiber and low in calories. If cooked properly, mushrooms can be low in sodium, low in cholesterol and fat free. Mushrooms are actually probiotics, it means they can ward off illness and strengthen our body. Its probiotic property is derived from the presence of riboflavin. These plants are also a wonderful source of potassium.

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They can reduce the risks of stroke and lower blood pressure. Some species of mushrooms, like the medium portabella, may offer more potassium than a banana or a glass of orange juice. Mushrooms also contain phytonutrients that are useful anti-cancer purposes. In many countries, mushrooms are used for specific cancer treatments.

1. White button:

White button mushrooms are actually available in different colors, such as light brown and white. They come in multiple sizes. Button mushrooms are very popular and can be found in many grocery stores. White mushrooms that are freshly picked have a delicate or mild flavour. They may develop somewhat richer taste as the caps darken. Recent studies have told us that white mushrooms are able to reduce incidences of prostate and breast cancer. Button mushrooms should be tasty for different recipes. It can be perfectly seasoned with garlic, pepper and salt.

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2. Crimini/Cremini:

Crimini mushrooms look like typical white mushrooms, but they have darker colors, including dark brown. Compared to white mushrooms, they have earthier flavour and firmer texture. Cremini works quite well with beef and it is considered an ideal substitute for typical white mushroom. Crimini mushrooms are also an ideal source of selenium and can provide multiple antioxidants for our body. Selenium can help us prevent asthma, arthritis and colon cancer. Crimini mushrooms are an excellent source of zinc, an essential mineral for our immune system. Crimini already taste great when cooked over hot coals. Other than meat, cremini can also be mixed with potatoes and carrots.

3. Portabella:

Portabella can be seen as a large version of white mushrooms and they may reach a dimater of 6 inches. Compared to regular white mushrooms and crimini, portabellas take much longer to spoil. They have meatier and denser texture. This makes portabella a good alternative for vegetarian sandwiches. It also means that portabellas can be used to accompany meat in many recipes, including pizzas and steak.

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4. Shitake:

Shitake is a popular mushroom from Far East and highly appreciated for its health benefits. Shitake can ward off tumors, fight infection and stimulate immune system.