What To Check Around the House After a Severe Storm

Your home is supposed to be your safe haven where you take a break from the stress of the world. You rest, relax, unwind, and spend time doing the things you love or just with those you love. However, serious weather can threaten your peace of mind. To restore the tranquility of your residence, you need to know what to check around the house after a severe storm.

Make Sure Everyone Is Okay

Even if a storm doesn’t seem serious enough to actually hurt anyone in your home, check on them anyway. Be sure they know it’s over and that you’re there for them. Pets and children, in particular, might need to be calmed down, and some storms might trigger certain conditions in the frail or elderly. Just rounding everyone up can at least mean you know everyone is good, and you can collectively check around the home.

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Check the Inside

Look around the inside of your home first. Make sure the power and water are still on but do so for every room. Look for fire hazards, broken windows, and leaks from pipes or roofing. Verify that your home is internally safe and secure. If you can, check the weather report and make sure that it’s actually over and not just a lull between fronts or storms.

Look Around Outside

This is another time to check the roof, in particular. If you see anything wrong or just aren’t sure, then contact roofing professionals, such as those at Able-Warnecke Roofing Inc. They might not be able to come out while it’s still raining or wet, but the sooner you call a roofing technician or contractor, the sooner they can serve you before everyone else.

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Take Pictures, Document Everything

If you do find damage of any kind, take lots of pictures and document everything that has changed or that you do. This might be crucial to getting reimbursed by your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. If you rent the home, your landlord also might need this for their own purposes.


Don’t forget to check on your passenger vehicles during all of this. If they’re parked outside, they might be even more susceptible to damage during a storm. Depending on the time of day and your relationships with others, you might even want to call and check on family, friends, and neighbors based on what’s going on.