Top 5 Adaptors for Your Firearm

An adaptor sleeve is a device inserted into the firearm to allow you to fire different types of ammunition. With an adaptor, you can shoot a rifle or handgun ammunition through your shotgun. Here is a review of the top 5 firearm adaptors.

Rifle Chamber Adaptors

You can find a rifle chamber adaptor to fire different types of rifle ammunition. Most adaptors are metallic, with an outer diameter to match the diameter of the shotgun chamber. On the inside of the metal tube, the bore has rifling that mimics the bore’s design of a regular rifle. When you fire ammunition through your shotgun, the bullet moves with a twisting motion.

There are also varieties of rifle chamber adaptors. You can get bores with riffling grooves or a smooth interior, depending on your shooting style.

Black Powder Adaptor Sleeve

A black powder adaptor is a metal sleeve you can insert into your shotgun’s chamber to convert it into a muzzle-loading firearm. You may have to purchase a complete kit, including the black powder, primer, and solvent traps from companies like Solvent Traps Direct.

You’ll have to load the adaptor with black powder, just as with a muzzle-loader. A muzzle-loading sleeve can accommodate approximately 75 to 80 grains of black powder or its equivalent. The adaptor is an ideal accessory for shotgun owners who want to use black powder.

Shotgun Chamber Adaptor

A shotgun chamber adaptor allows you to fire different types of shell gauges from your firearm. For example, you can use 20 or 28 gauge shells on your 12-gauge shotgun.

Most adaptors are made of stainless steel through a high-precision process to fit your firearm’s bore. Even though they have a limited range, they offer greater versatility.

Pistol Conversion Sleeve Adaptor

You can also acquire a pistol conversion sleeve to fire pistol ammunition through your firearm. One example is an ACP .32 sleeve, which can fire colt pistol ammunition.

Unlike most pistol conversion sleeves, the ACP .32 has a simple assembly. It is easy to install and does not require permanent modifications.

Muzzle Loader Chamber Adaptor

The adaptor allows you to convert your shotgun into a muzzle-loader. The chamber is designed for use with shots, but not slugs. Despite its limitation, it often offers the same precision as a specialized muzzle-loader.

Chamber adaptors can boost your firearm’s functionality and function. Most of them are easy to use and reliable. But it is crucial to review the laws in your jurisdiction and understand the limitations of the adaptor.