What to Expect When You Go to Drug Rehab For The First Time

Congratulations on taking the first step to a sober life by admitting yourself into a rehabilitation center. Whether nipping the problem in the bud at the beginning stages of addiction or facing a serious chemical dependence, you can find the relief you need when you put away your pride and do the work. However, rehab can feel intimidating, especially if you have never been. Here is what to expect when you go to drug rehab.

Withdrawal and Cravings

In rehab, your body will not receive the toxins it has become familiar with as it did before you entered the program. This will put your body into shock.

For some people severely addicted to opioids, alcohol, and other substances the shock can turn into withdrawal. The withdrawal can make you sick, which can lead to purging and can even make you dehydrated. Luckily, the withdrawal usually only lasts a couple of days. Plus, medical staff on-site will keep you safe and as comfortable as possible.

For some people, the shock involves intense cravings that can feel like an itch you can’t scratch in your brain. While cravings may never fully subside, they can become much more manageable with time, knowledge, and strength.


Unfortunately, rehab centers must enforce strict rules for the benefit of you, the other patients, and the staff. All facilities are different, but you expect certain rules to be standard. Likely you won’t be able to bring any of your own OTC medications, cell phone, laptop, clothing that supports drug use, food, drink, electronics, instruments, or weapons. You will also have limited visitation and phone use at the addiction rehabilitation facility.

You may find yourself annoyed at some of the restrictions. However, it’s important to understand that the restrictions will only be in place for a limited time. They are meant to help you as you work through your addiction, and if you don’t respect them, you could face lifelong consequences thanks to your addiction.


You will be required to attend group therapy as well as individual therapy as part of your treatment. However, addiction isn’t an easy topic for anyone to open up about. Do your best to tell your story and relate to the other patients. When staff sees that you want to work the program, they will report positive things to the people in charge of what privileges you get and when you are discharged.

Additional Resources

You can’t blame anyone for your actions but yourself. One way to assure the best results for yourself is to utilize the resources available to you at the rehab facility, especially before you leave. Staff can help you find affordable mental health care as well as outside meetings.

Don’t be afraid or embarrassed about going to an addiction rehabilitation facility, like Seasons Bali. Instead, celebrate your newfound sobriety with a positive outlook.