What to Look For When Replacing Your Roof

Knowing when to replace a roof is sometimes easy. The repairs and maintenance of your old roof grow in frequency and cost, and the day just comes that you know you need a new roof. Knowing what to look for when replacing your roof is another story, and there are actually several decisions that you need to make along the way throughout this home improvement process.

What to Look For When Replacing Your Roof

Should You Even Remove the Old Roof?

Most of the time, roof replacement involves removing the old roof. However, there are times where it might be quicker and easier to have your new roof just installed on top of the old one. That can save you money, but it’s also not always physically possible or appropriate to do.

What Will Appeal to Future Buyers?

This may or may not matter to you, especially if you’re dealing with roof replacement on your forever home. However, if there’s any chance you might sell the home in the next two decades, the roof will matter to future buyers. They’ll shy away from something that might need to be replaced shortly after they bought a whole house. Get professional opinions on local market preferences from professional roofers who deal with many homeowners, such as Commercial Solutions, Inc.

How Long Do You Want the New Roof to Last?

Getting a roof replaced isn’t cheap. Then again, it’s also a matter of getting what you put into it. Getting a cheap roof to start with might mean it won’t last as long. Conversely, investing in a premium roof will cost more at the start but could have a much lower per-year average cost.

Who Will Do the Work?

Even after you decide everything else, you have one final choice to make. Who will actually replace your roof? You want someone that’s affordable, but you also want someone that you can trust. If you have any friends, family, or neighbors also needing roofing work, see if you can group together for a bundle discount.

Replacing Your Roof Involves Many Decisions

Deciding on a roof replacement over repairs is one thing, but you’ll also have to decide if your old roof gets removed, what kind of roof future buyers might like, your expected roof longevity, and who is going to do the work. Fortunately, once you make one of these decisions, the rest should get easier along the way.