When to Know It’s Time to Replace The Roof On Your Home

Many homeowners avoid getting their roofs replaced because it involves spending a large amount of money. But this is not always a good idea because if anything were to go wrong, you might end up with more damages and bigger expenses. It is always good to know when your roof needs replacement. Here are a few ways to help you confirm that it’s time to get your roof replaced.

When to Know It's Time to Replace The Roof On Your Home

Your Roof Has Outlived Its Lifespan

Different roofs have different lifespans based on the material used to build them. Knowing when the roof got installed will allow you to know when it needs replacement. Metal roofs last up to 50 years, clay tiles can go up to 40 years, and asphalt shingles can range from 10 to 20 years. But this also depends on the location of where you live because weather plays a significant role in how fast a roof deteriorates.

Moss and Algae

Once you start noticing algae and moss on your shingles, you need to consider replacing the roof. Mold and moss show that there is trapped moisture somewhere. At this point, you’ll want to call in an expert in roof repair to handle the job. Trying to resolve it alone may ruin your shingles by chipping off the granules.

Buckling or Curling Shingles

Once your shingles start to curl, it means they are not correctly attached. By this time, they most likely have sustained some damage. Depending on where you live, strong winds can carry away curved shingles in storms. Once you have a couple of shingles missing, you will need to do some work on the roof. There are instances where an expert can repair such singles. But if the problem has gone too far, you might need to replace the roof.

Using Buckets to Collect Raindrops

If you’ve gotten to the point where your roof is leaking rainwater, you need to consider a roof replacement. But don’t wait to start seeing the water dripping into the house. Sometimes you can see water damage from the moisture marks in your ceilings. Always inspect your attic and upper rooms to know when you should call an expert for more help.

A Sagging Roof

When your roof sags, you need to know that trapped moisture has caused the boards under your roof to rot away. If you have a droopy roof, you need to call in an expert right away for replacement.

In conclusion, don’t put off your roof replacement any more. If you don’t know whether you need a repair or replacement, you can hire an expert to inspect the roof. That way, you can take the right course of action.