Why Cuban Cigars Are Illegal In The United States

Cigars have been a popular tobacco product for centuries. They are enjoyed by people worldwide and can be found in almost every country. The one exception is the United States, where Cuban cigars are illegal due to their strong flavor and smell. This blog post will explore the reasons why these cigars are illegal in the US.

Why Cuban Cigars Are Illegal In The United States

Cuban Cigars Are Strong

The flavor of Cuban cigars is so distinct that it can immediately be recognized. The strength of the tobacco leaves used to make them and their unique preparation process result in a cigar whose taste cannot be matched by any other country’s products. This makes for an enjoyable smoking experience, but one which is not always desired by those who are new to cigars. These strong flavors have been found offensive and distasteful in the past, resulting in many smokers avoiding Cuban products altogether.

Cuban Cigars Are Smoky

Not only are Cuban cigars strong, but they also produce a lot of smoke. They are often smoked at full strength, without any filters. While this may be an appealing characteristic for some smokers, it can be overwhelming and unpleasant for those new to the cigar world. Again, this smoke is also why Cuban cigars are illegal in the US – as they can typically linger and be absorbed by nearby fabrics or furniture. Those who live with others can also make their space unpleasant.

Cuban Cigars Are Expensive

One of the main reasons Cuban cigars are illegal in the United States is that they are incredibly expensive. The embargo on Cuba has caused the price of these products to skyrocket, and as a result, they are frequently out of reach for many smokers. This exclusivity only adds to their allure, and while it may be frustrating for many smokers in the US to not have access to these products, they can serve as a status symbol. The exclusivity of Cuban drew estate cigars makes them seem more desirable by those who cannot afford them – which further increases their price on the black market.

Cuban Cigars Are Hard to Get

The price of a box of Cuban cigars is not the only reason why they are illegal in the US. It also has to do with how difficult it can be for smokers (and even cigar stores) to actually obtain them. The embargo on Cuba means that American citizens cannot legally purchase these products, and as a result, they are frequently smuggled into the country. This increases their price even further and can make it difficult for people to purchase them legitimately. It also means that many smokers will turn to the black market to get their hands on some of these cigars, increasing the risk of being scammed. All in all, it is just much more difficult to get Cuban cigars than any other type of cigar.