Why It’s Important to Have Health Insurance

Health insurance is something you can get in many different ways. You can buy it as a private citizen, you can get coverage through your employer, or you can even get a policy and coverage through government programs. While there are different ways to get health insurance, there are also a variety of reasons why it’s important to have it.

Why It's Important to Have Health Insurance

Financial Protection

Dealing with a medical situation can cost hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands. Your health insurance provider makes this manageable. By sharing the financial risk through millions of participants, insurance companies can spread the costs around. You won’t have to avoid a doctor visit or hospital stay just because you’re worried about not affording it. On top of that, you’ll likely have an annual limit to how much you have to pay out of pocket for more protection. Many health insurance policies also make routine health care affordable by setting low amounts you need to pay for doctor’s visits and medications that you use on a regular basis.

Restoring Your Health

In the event of an illness, accident, or injury, your health insurance will enable you to get the hospital time, doctor visits, and medications that help you heal from your wounds and diseases, so you can restore your health back to where it was. Health insurance will cover or contribute to everything from ambulance trips and emergency room visits to inpatient hospital stays and prescriptions.

Preserving Your Good Health

Health insurance is no longer simply reactive medicine that kicks in when something goes wrong. Many policies are now covered, which includes everything from preventative screenings to vaccinations. Maintaining your already good health for longer helps your quality of life and keeps costs lower for insurance providers.

Peace of Mind

The biggest benefit of having health insurance will apply even if you never need to use it. That’s just the peace of mind of knowing you’re covered if something happens. Given how much mental stress can negatively impact your physical body, this advantage alone can actually help you keep your body healthy.

Key Takeaways

Having health insurance is important for many reasons. The biggest ones include:

  • Protecting your finances
  • Maintaining your physical health
  • Preventing poor health in the future
  • Your own peace of mind

Any of these is a good enough reason to have health insurance. All options should be unarguably powerful.