Why You Should Be Worried If You Spot Fallen Shingles After A Storm

No matter where you live within the United States, there is going to be a time when a strong thunderstorm develops. In many cases, any damage seen is going to be minimal, with a few tree limbs broken or your home’s address letters being blown away. However, there are times when the damage can be severe and not in the most obvious way. One of those includes having a few broken shingles falling from your roof. But is this really something to worry about? Read on to learn why their broken and falling shingles are a cause for concern.

Why You Should Be Worried If You Spot Fallen Shingles After A Storm

Worsening Damage

Perhaps the biggest reason why you should worry about fallen shingles after a storm is that the issue can quickly become that much worse and expensive. A few shingles are easy to repair/replace, but those are not the ones that you should be worried about. Fallen shingles may be an indication that you have additional damaged shingles at the top of your roof. These can not only pose a danger for those walking underneath your home, but allowing further deterioration of the roof can lead to a much more costly repair project. Thus, it is highly recommended to bring in a professional roofing team like PM Roberts LLC to fix the broken shingles ASAP.

Energy Loss

Contrary to popular belief, your roof’s shingles are not only there to make the home look nicethey do have a purpose. One of their most important roles is to serve as the first line of defense against the weather and the temperatures it brings. If enough shingles are missing from your home’s roof, those cold and hot nights are going to be that much more intense and may even raise your monthly energy costs.

Water Damage

If there is one thing you don’t want within your home, it’s water. Water can be an incredibly destructive force and may even lead to various health problems being experienced by your family due to risks like mold exposure. If you see fallen shingles, your roof is likely susceptible to water damage that can then travel into your walls and even down to your basement.

If you have recently seen fallen shingles after a strong storm, contacting a professional contractor is your best bet. They will be able to properly observe the area and determine the best course of action in terms of repairs and preventive measures for the future.