Wine Connoisseur: 4 Delectable Wines For Your Next Tasting Party

There’s no right or wrong way to do a wine tasting party. As long as there’s wine, who cares, right? But throwing a wine tasting that all of your friends will remember is the hard part. The first way to do that is by having amazing wine that your guests will crave long after the party has ended. Here are 4 different delectable wines for you to try at your next wine tasting.

Wine Connoisseur: 4 Delectable Wines For Your Next Tasting Party

Blush Wine—Rose

Rose wine is sweet and goes down smooth. It has a primary flavor of berries and rose petals, which is where it gets its name. With its light, elegant flavors, your guests will hardly even taste the alcohol. This wine is great for dessert snacks or chocolate pastries, not to mention its beautiful pink color looks elegant in any type of wine glass.

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Italian Semi-Sweet Wine—Sparkling Moscato

With it’s rich color and flavorful taste, Sparkling Moscato wine is a great pick for any long-time wine lover. Italian semi-sweet wines are also a great choice to pair with dinner. Unlike it’s Rose cousin, Sparkling Moscato has a bit of a kick to it. You’ll taste the alcohol right alongside its fruity flavor. This is a great dinner wine, going well with fish or poultry, or even peach cobblers for dessert.

Red Wine—Black

Red wines are known for being hardy. Their rich, intense flavors come out more when the wine is room temperature, making it an easy-maintenance wine. Black wine is made from blackberries, blueberries, and raspberry. The color is unique and sultry, making it a very attractive wine to drink. In addition, Black wine pairs great with cheese platters or beef-based dinner dishes.

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White Wines—Peach

With it’s bold, fruity flavor, Peach wine is a great choice for any host that’s feeling adventurous. Mixing in flavors like apricot and honeydew melon, this is a delectable, fruity wine for any party. While this wine is great on its own, it pairs well with desserts like pumpkin pie.

The type of wine you choose makes the party. With that being said, try to pick wine that is adventurous but also fits the tastes of your guests. If your guests predominantly like white wine, you might not want to spring a red on them. But regardless of what type of wine or food you’re making, there’s always a chance to pick something that’s going to blow your guests away.