French Wines You’d Definitely Want To Try

French wines are commonly considered as one of the most satisfying beverages that people drink. It’s no surprise really that France has been one of the leading producers of wine that many people surely would love to drink.

This love for wine reaches to a great point of appreciation. People even consider having a taste of the French wines just before they die. The incomparable blend of flavor that prestigious wine producers make truly makes many people ask for more.

France offers a huge variety of wines. However, these Premium French Wines are the most popular when it comes to their amazing quality.

French Wines You’d Definitely Want To Try


Normally sold for about a hundred dollars, this is one of the most looked for French wines. Only one wine would come from the Viognier grape. But what really makes the taste delectable is its perfect blend with the apricot. Honey is also applied in the making of this wine for the extra sweetener. All these great benefits have a single drawback though. A bottle of this wine can be hard to find since the production is quite small.

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Château Rayas

This is truly one of the many French wines that a lot of people are willing to get their hands on, and get merry for the night. Costing a huge $800, this premium French wine truly has a strange and succulent taste. Though all the wines produced by its maker are blended together with other complementing ingredient, Château Rayas goes against this tradition. Instead of being a mixture of several other fruits, this premium French wine is completely Grenache. This makes the flavors of lavender and licorice truly evident and adds on to the marvel of the wine.

Domaine Leroy Musigny

Domaine Leroy is truly well known for producing excellent French wines. This red wine they produce is truly astounding in itself already. Muysigny’s Grand Cru vineyard on the other hand makes the most enjoyable Pinot Noir in the whole Burgundy. And the wine from the Pinot noir vine truly brings out the finesse of the bottle.

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These three main factors contributing to this wine’s production combined make it truly remarkable.

Jacques Selosse Substance

This wine that is commonly worth about three hundred dollars is truly in quite a high class. There are many delectable French wines, but this one brings about a different kind of taste that makes it strange, but in a good way. Truly exquisite, this wine is the mixture of aged and young wine, blended together for the complementary taste that’s truly rare to find. The result of this swirl of the difference in years gives this Champagne a fresh flavor.

Château Simone Palette Rouge

Don’t get it wrong that this wine only costs about $50. This heavenly blend of Mourvedre and Grenache makes it one of the most unique French wines. Deeply condensed with earth, spice flavors and the nuance fruit, it’s simply beautiful. One can’t simply believe that there is still a wine like this that’s being served in the modern era.

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