3 Components To Include When Wrapping Your Car

Wrapping a company car is a great way to brand yourself in the community. As you explore car graphic wraps, there are a few components to include in your custom design.

3 Components To Include When Wrapping Your Car

Meaningful Graphics

Graphics are what will catch people’s eyes. You want to make sure that the graphics are not only eye-catching but also meaningful to your brand. Although you may like stripes or polka dots, they have to make sense of what your business is all about. Take a good look at your logo to see if you can gain some inspiration from that. Otherwise, work closely with the company to get their recommendations on what should be included in the graphics.

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The more creative you are, the more people will remember who you are and what you have to offer.

List of Services

Provide a list of services or products that you have to offer. Even though your graphics may make it very obvious as to what you do, a list of services will confirm it. You may also be able to increase your notoriety because people will learn about services that they didn’t know that they can get from you.

Contact Information

It’s important to list all of your contact information. As you drive down the road, you never know who is going to see you. Make sure it is easy for people to jot down your contact information. This includes your website, your phone number, and even your physical address if you want people visiting you. You may also want to consider a QR code. This will allow people to scan the code when you are parked somewhere so that they can gain more information about you.

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A good graphics company will work with you to ensure that all of the important components are included in your custom wrap. Having a few ideas of your own will ensure that nothing is forgotten.

Lissa D