4 Golden Study Tips For Students

To support you a bit in the sit-up period, we give you four timeless, golden study tips that you actually benefit from throughout the year.

The examination period is coming up again and that means locking yourself up in the library or in your room for a study marathon. If you consistently follow these tips, they will save your (study) life!

4 Golden Study Tips For Students

Make lists

Unfortunately, in a regular exam week it almost never happens that you only have one exam on the schedule. Usually these are at least two and you also have a presentation and / or deadline for handing in an assignment. The answer to the question of how to keep an overview of everything is simple: make a list.

Start with an overview of all subjects you follow this period and which assignments / exams you have to make and when. When you are finished with all your study-related tasks, you also add your private activities such as sports, hobbies and work. This way you can categorize all tasks on your to-do list and see where your priorities lie.

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Work with a calendar

Place all items from your to-do list in a calendar and decide how much time you need for each activity, this way you create a clear and clear timeline. In addition, make a list of tasks for each day of the week that you want to complete that day. You plan several days for longer or large assignments. Try to find alternate ways to to get your work done and save time as much as possible. Companies offering essay writing service can help you regarding this. For all our Kings and Queens in procrastinating, making such a calendar is really a solution.

Use your time efficiently

Recognizable for everyone: we are busy studying, but get an app inside that we still have to check. Before you know it you’re an hour further and you have not only answered all your whatsapp messages, but also need to check Instagram and you have so many clicked on Facebook that you now the niece of the neighbor of the best friend of your ex is extensively studying .

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Distraction is always lurking, so use the time you have efficiently by taking enough short breaks. When you study, focus completely by putting your phone away. If you notice that working efficiently does not really matter one day, give yourself a day off. No one ever was happy with all sogging in the library.

Do not forget yourself

While studying some students are living on coffee, Red Bull and a fast (unhealthy) bite that sometimes involves sports, relaxation and a night of eight hours of sleep. It is therefore important, especially during the busiest study periods, to allow yourself some free time to come to rest.

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It is impossible to work efficiently and perform well when you are over-tired or overworked. Therefore, make absolutely free time – on your calendar – to exercise, to drink a beer in the pub, to spend an evening banking or to go to bed on time.

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