8 Knitting Hacks You Wish You Knew Earlier

Knitting and embroidering undoubtedly is an art and very are able to master this art with utter perfection. There are a number of things that must be considered when it comes to knitting including the right technique, the right yarn, the right needles and much more. For getting a perfect yarn for your knitting schedule, make sure that you choose from the best online yarn store. Having done with the needles and the yarns, the next thing you need to master is the technique that is required to knit properly. Learning some of the basic techniques is quite easy but when it comes to certain specialised type of techniques, things start getting a bit difficult. In order to make these difficult techniques a bit easier, making use of certain hacks is a great option. Some of the hacks that could help you in knitting and weaving are described in the blog.

17 Knitting Hacks You Wish You Knew Earlier

Tricks and hacks for knitting

These are few of the plenty of different type of hacks for better knitting and weaving: –

  • Make sure using a steel needle for knitting purposes, instead of the plastic ones. The main reason behind the same is that the plastic needles bend very easily which leads to breakage. Also, using bamboo needles is better as they do not get sticky very easily.
  • Knitting with normal wool is fine but when it comes to acrylic wool make sure that you knit a size smaller than you usually need as acrylic wool has a quality of stretching afterwards.
  • While opening up the bundle of the wool, open it from the centre of the ball instead of pulling it from the outside. This way the wool doesn’t get tangled and can be knitted very easily.
  • Make sure your knitting needles are visible within the wool so, make it a point to use needle of different colour from that of the wool.
  • If you are just starting with knitting and have no knowledge about the same, make sure that you pick the most basic of patterns and get assistance from someone who has an expertise in the same.
  • If you are looking for some good first projects then going for the pot holders is a great option. It includes a very straight and simple type of stitching without much complications.
  • A great way of making use of of woolen yarns is to knit woolen animals out of the same. This can serve as a great gift for children or their parents.
  • If you are quite obsessed with wool and have never used acrylics before, then you should totally use them as they too aren’t eaten by the moths and are quite easily washed.


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Knitting and weaving is easy but knitting and weaving in perfect flawless way is a bit daunting task and not much are a master of the same. Some of these above mentioned tips and tricks will surely help you become an expert in the knitting. If you are someone who have been waiting to start knitting your yarn from a very long time, then you should totally start it now by using the tips and tricks mentioned above.  

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