4 Vital Spring Home Care Tips

For homeowners, spring is a season of repairs, improvements and basic maintenance before the summer heat sets in. By getting essential tasks completed in the springtime, you can set your home up to remain in good shape throughout the rest of the year. Here are four vital spring home care tips all homeowners should be following.

4 Vital Spring Home Care Tips

Inspect the Roof for Damage

In the early springtime, you should inspect your roof for any obvious signs of damage. Missing shingles, gaps or other damage can allow water to leak through your roof and into your home. The resulting water damage will be costly and inconvenient to clean up, especially if it allows mold to grow. By making sure your roof is in good shape before the spring rains start, you can save yourself time, trouble and money.

Apply an Insect Spray to Your Foundation

When the weather warms, insects of all sorts begin to hatch out. To prevent them from getting into your home, it’s important to apply an insecticidal spray to your home’s foundation. This spray will keep pests from getting in through cracks in the foundation or gaps between the foundation and the siding. If you’re already seeing ants or other insects in your home, you should look into local pest control solutions to get them out before a serious infestation sets in.

Clean out Your Gutters

Another important piece of spring maintenance you should attend to before the rains begin is cleaning out your gutters. During fall and winter, gutters become clogged with leaves and other debris falling from trees. By cleaning them out before major rains begin, you can ensure that the water will drain properly and prevent pooling around your foundation that can lead to basement flooding.

Check Your Basement for Water Damage

During the winter months, the process of ground expanding and contracting as it freezes and thaws can put pressure on your foundation. When the spring comes, it’s important to check your basement for any signs of water damage caused by new cracks in the foundation. It’s best to patch cracks as soon as they appear, since they will become more difficult and expensive to repair as they expand over time.

By performing these four basic tasks, you can ensure that your property is ready for spring and summer. Be sure to follow each of these steps every year, as taking a year off will open the door to damage and costly repairs.