5 Ways To Make Your Eyes Appear Bigger

Big doe eyes have something that’s very playful and sexy about them, and thanks to the great range of makeup products out there on the market today, you don’t have to blessed with great genes to get achieve this look. If you’re looking to make your eyes appear both bigger and brighter, we’ve got a list of tips for you from some of the best makeup artists.

5 Ways To Make Your Eyes Appear Bigger

Lighter in the Corners

In order to make your eyes pop, you should apply a lightly coloured eye shadow on the inner third of your eyelid, a technique which is guaranteed to make your eyes look bigger straight away. The lighter colour acts as a highlight which creates an open appearance to the eyes, causing them to look bigger, brighter, fresher and more awake.

Highlight the Brow Bone

Adding a hint of highlight to the brow bone – the highest part of your eye socket just below your eyebrow – will draw the attention up, giving mega-lift to your eyes and making them appear bigger. Whilst you can definitely use the same lighter shadow that you would use on the inner corner of your eye for this purpose, top makeup artists recommend using a concealer or highlighter product for the best results. If using concealer, you should opt for a shade that is slightly lighter than your natural skin colour in order to best illuminate the area.

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Layer Concealers

If you’re trying to create the illusion of sexy, bright and big doe eyes, the worst thing that you can do is forget to conceal any dark circles under the eyes. Many of us focus a lot of the products that we put on the eye lids and brow bone, but fail to take into consideration the area underneath the eyes as well. For best results, begin by applying a pink-toned concealer underneath eyes and then layering a yellow-toned one on top.

Long Lashes

One of the factors that makes sexy, bright and big eyes stand out is their long, thick eyelashes. Applying mascara or even having false eyelashes applied can create a dramatic difference, before you even use any other products. Individual eyelashes are recommended by most top makeup artists, as they are applied individually and therefore blend in better with your existing lashes, looking more natural and lacking the fake appearance of many strip lashes. If you’re looking for false eyelashes Melbourne there are many salons and beauty stores where you can find them.

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5 Ways To Make Your Eyes Appear Bigger

Extend Your Eyes

The power of white eyeliner is not to be underestimated when it comes to making your eyes appear larger and brighter. Using white eyeliner on the inner rim of both your top and bottom lashes helps to extend the white of your eyes, making them look larger and more awake. When buying white eyeliner, it’s a good idea to remember that it can wear off easily – so it’s far better to spend a little more on this product to ensure that you get an eyeliner which is of good quality and lasts a long time.

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If you want all the attention on your eyes, it’s also important that you keep the rest of your makeup as minimal as possible. Avoid brightly coloured and stand-out lipsticks, instead opting for nude and pale colours to keep the eyes the focus point.

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