A Look At The Unique and Innovative Features Of A Mobility Scooter Rain Canopy

Mobility scooter rain canopies are vital product for many mobility scooter users who, without them, simply couldn’t get outside and enjoy their freedom without being uncomfortably exposed to the elements. Often these canopies can be a bit of a hindrance, however. This is because they are difficult to put up and take down, meaning people who already have limited mobility may find it a burden to use them. Thankfully, this problem is beginning to be addressed, with companies taking it upon themselves to come up with innovative new solutions to the tiresome traditional mobility scooter canopy. These new canopies burst with innovative, clever features which make them versatile, functional and easy to use. For a better understanding of these excellent features, read on for a closer look at each of them, from the foldaway pack to the dynamic construction.

A Look At The Unique and Innovative Features Of A Mobility Scooter Rain Canopy

Foldaway Feature

One of the most thoughtful features of newer mobility rain canopies is their simple fold away function. This means that you’re not tied to having a canopy at all times and should the weather turn out nice after all, you can simply fold it back away. Unlike removable covers which have to be stored at home, these covers are neatly stored in their own pack which is attached to the back, so should the weather be changeable, you will always have the option of either putting it up or folding it away. One of the results of this clever foldaway feature is that putting it up or taking it down is incredibly fast. Putting the canopy fully on and zipped up can take less than a minute., and once folded away in its sleek black pack it’s hardly noticeable.

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One Size Fits All

Innovative rain canopies have the added benefit of being a one size fits all item, so whether you buy the largest or the smallest mobility scooter on the market, it will be well covered with these types of canopy, this even includes very small car transportable models. Not only does this mean you don’t need to measure your scooter and cross check that you buy the correct cover, it also means that should you upgrade your scooter, there’s no need to buy a replacement cover as you can simply pop your existing one onto the back of your new scooter. In fact, it also means that you can lend it to a friend or share one between two scooters. You can set the correct size using the adjustable arms which help fit it securely to all scooters.

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Dynamic, Durable Build

These canopies boast the use of a patent pending material that is wind, rain, snow and sleet proof, but also allows the warmth and light of the sun through should it come out. This material offers excellent longevity and won’t break down over a long period time as similar materials might. The cover is supported by a lightweight but highly durable aluminum frame, which is not only light and easy to use but also won’t ever rust.

These specialist features of a new, innovative mobility scooter rain canopy are what sets them apart from anything else on the market. From the clever use of lightweight, but rust-proof, aluminum for the structure to the rain proof and sun friendly cover, every feature of this canopy has been well-thought out. Innovation is at the core of these canopies and every element of them has been cleverly designed to make a catch-all solution for your scooter.